Levin: Senior FBI Officials 'Interfered with Our Election' More Effectively Than the Russians

By Michael W. Chapman | April 23, 2019 | 2:11pm EDT
Mark Levin. 

During the April 21 edition of Life, Liberty & Levin, conservative leader, best selling author, and constitutional scholar Mark Levin explained that senior FBI officials "planted a spy in the Trump administration," lied to federal courts several times, and "interfered with our election" far more "effectively than the Russians."

The false narrative about Russia "collusion" was pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, said Levin, who added that the FBI and Justice Department officials who orchestrated this "silent coup" against President Trump "should be charged." They want to "change the outcome of an election," he said. "They hate the fact that Donald Trump won in 2016."

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“Our very republic is at stake," said Levin on his Sunday program on the Fox News Channel. "The separation of powers has broken down. The rule of law has broken down. The media—the media who we rely on—the media have broken down. We have a mob mentality now in this country. At least half the people in the country and the majority in the House of Representatives want to continue with this coup.”

“And why do I call it a coup?" he said.  "Well, now we have the Mueller Report, you’ve been hearing about it for several days. … You should enjoy this, it cost you $35 million. Now, Volume 1 of the Mueller Report is 200 pages. Why did they need 200 pages and $35 million to tell us there was no collusion?"

"There was never any collusion," said Levin, author of the best selling Liberty and Tyranny. "This collusion issue was pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. There are things that have been done in the last three years to candidate Trump, President-elect Trump, and President Trump that should not occur in the United States of America."

"Senior levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation -- these individuals should be charged," said Levin. "They're the ones who interfered with our election even more effectively than the Russians. They are still at it."


"Senior levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they planted a spy -- that's right, a spy -- in the Trump administration," said the former Justice Department official. "They lied to federal courts not once, but four times -- the FISA Court -- in order to get a counterintelligence warrant and they got it. And who are they spying on? [Carter] Page? It was a backdoor effort to go after the Trump campaign."

"You had the Hillary campaign, the Obama administration trying to take out the Republican candidate for president of the United States under their preposterous notion that he was conspiring with Vladimir Putin," said Levin.

He continued, "Donald Trump has never in his entire life shown a dislike for his country. He loves his country. It is the people who have set this up who despise their country and despise our election system."

Ex-FBI Director James Comey. (YouTube)

Speaking further about the false claims of "collusion," Levin said, "You and I knew it from day one that it was phony -- phony! But they used federal law enforcement, federal intelligence, and then they appointed a Special Counsel.

"There's no collusion says the Special Counsel -- that takes one sentence. It doesn't take 200 damn pages. It doesn't take $35 million. One sentence. "No collusion," he says, by the president, by the campaign, by his staff, by the White House, by his family, by any American. No collusion."

Mark Levin is the host of a nationally syndicated radio program, The Mark Levin Show, which is broadcast on nearly 400 stations and ranked No. 4 in the nation.  Levin's newest book is Unfreedom of the Press, and it will be released on May 21. 

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