Levin: We Have Some 'Psychopaths' in the Liberal Media Attacking Trump

By Michael W. Chapman | July 18, 2018 | 12:05pm EDT
Best selling author Mark Levin.

Conservative talk-radio host and best selling author Mark Levin said there are some "psychopaths" in the liberal media because they absurdly compared President Donald Trump's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin to "Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Kristallnacht, the beginning of the Holocaust" and "calling him a traitor, treasonous."

Levin further said the leftist media's criticisms were selective and hypocritical because it was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the liberals' hero, who gave up "half of Europe to the Soviet Union," President Gerald Ford who recognized the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, and President Jimmy Carter who "placed a big wet kiss on Brezhnev's cheek in Vienna" in 1979.

Levin added that the American media have defended the Communist atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the spy Alger Hiss, and Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) who was "colluding with the Kremlin to defeat Reagan" in 1983-84. 

During a July 17 interview on Hannity, Levin said, "What we've learned about the media, several of the hosts and guests, as we have a lot of psychopaths out there. That's for sure. [C]omparing the president's conference with Putin to Pearl Harbor an 9/11, Kristallnacht, the beginning in the Holocaust, calling him a traitor and treasonous. You know, two weeks ago they said he was running Japanese internment camps and Nazi concentration camps. This is the pseudo- media."

"And now comes Russia, now the liberals, the media, the Democrats, some Republicans are very upset about Russia," said Levin.  "You know, they've had more positions on Russia than Stormy Daniels as far as I'm concerned. And let me point out some history. This is very, very important.... I want the American people - forget about that, I want you to know something. In 1945 at the Yalta Conference, Franklin Roosevelt sold out half of Europe to Stalin. He repeatedly praised Stalin. Franklin Roosevelt is the hero of the Democratic Party, he of Japanese internment camps too."

(Source: Hannity)

"In Yalta he gave up half of Europe to the Soviet Union," said Levin.  "In 1961, JFK met with Khrushchev. JFK told a friend of his that he was rolled over that he came across weak, that it was pretty disastrous his meeting with Khrushchev. And a few weeks later, what did they do? The Soviets are shipping missiles to Cuba and they are building a wall in Berlin."

Levin continued, "In 1975, Gerald Ford in Helsinki with Breshnev with 35 other countries, recognized -- recognized the territorial sovereignty of the Soviet Union which included the captive nations of Eastern Europe. In 1979, Jimmy Carter placed a big wet kiss on Breshnev's cheek in Vienna."

"All of this hysteria about this [Trump-Putin] press conference, the president said, look, I could have said it better, I should have said this, and they act like it's the apocalypse -- it's not," said Levin. 

"The left in this country has defended the Rosenberg's, they defended Alger Hiss, they defended Ted Kennedy in 1983 and '84 when he was colluding with the Kremlin to defeat Reagan," said Levin.  "The left, the Democrats, the media in this country oppose the SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative, which had as its purpose to defend us against Russian nuclear missiles. They called it Star Wars. To this day, the left won't fund it."

(Source: New York Post)

"So the left goes back and forth, the Democrats -- if, in fact, Donald Trump had turned to Putin after a two-hour private meeting, after setting up this summit, and all of a sudden in public turns to Putin and says look, you little bastard, we know you interfered in our election," said Levin. "They would be attacking Trump today."

Levin continued, "But some more facts. Obama as president. Obama did nothing effective at all to stop the Russians' interference in our election. He's the one who ought to be under investigation. No pushback for the invasion of Georgia. No pushback for the annexation of Crimea. No pushback for the invasion of Eastern Ukraine. No pushback from Russia's criminal shootdown of flight MH117."

In his closing comments, Levin said, "So, all of this hysteria, the fact of the matter is Trump hasn't done a thing to harm America with respect to Russia and Obama did nothing to protect America when it came to Russia."

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