Kim Davis:‘I’m Just First of What’s Going to be Very Many’ Attacks on Christians

By Michael W. Chapman | January 8, 2016 | 1:58pm EST

Rowan County, Ky., clerk Kim Davis.

(EWTN screenshot.)

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky., clerk who refused to issue homosexual “marriage” licenses because it violated her Christian beliefs, said that in her meeting with Pope Francis he thanked her for her “courage” and told her to “stay strong.” Davis added that the persecution she faced because of her beliefs represented “the first of what’s going” to happen to many faithful believers in America.

“The stand I took affects every church, every person that lives and loves God, that holds the Word of God precious and dear and intimate in their lives,” Davis said in a Dec. 17 interview on EWTN’s News Nightly.

“I’m just the first of what’s going to be very many,” said Davis.  “You can rest assured of that. And it’s not if it happens, it’ll be when it happens. And maybe my stand will encourage others who will be in the same position.”

Earlier in the interview, host Catherine Szeltner asked Davis about her September meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Kim Davis said, “The Pope walks in and he holds out his hand, so I shake his hand, and I pull him in to give him a hug, a one-arm hug, and he hugged me back.”

“Then we broke away and he was standing, and he said, ‘I want to thank you for your courage, and ask you to pray for me,’” said Davis.  “He still had his hands out so I took his hands in my hands – and his hands are so soft – I took his hands in my hands and I said, ‘I will pray for you and I ask you to pray for me.’”

Davis continued, “He grinned, and he spoke to me in English – very heavily accented English but his accent was beautiful, I think – and he presented my husband and I with a rosary. He said, ‘stay strong.’ He told me to ‘stay strong.’ And then they turned and they left.”

Although Kim Davis is an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian, both her parents are life-long Catholics.  According to EWTN’s Szeltner,  Davis gave the rosaries from the Pope to her parents.

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