Judicial Watch on Migrant Invasion: 'We Need to Deploy the Military to Secure the Border Now'

By Michael W. Chapman | October 22, 2018 | 5:02pm EDT
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Given that almost 100 people in the migrant "caravan" enroute to the U.S. border have been arrested for being linked to terrorist groups and another 1,000 arrested for belonging to the violent MS-13 gang, the U.S. military must be deployed "now" to secure the border, said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. 

Fitton made his remarks on the Oct. 21 edition of Fox & Friends. On the program, host Ed Henry talked about the 4,000-plus migrants traveling from Honduras to the U.S.-Mexico border and noted the arrests that had been made, as announced by Guatemala's president, Jimmy Morales. 

“As the massive caravan of migrants heads to our border," said Henry, "the president of Guatemala making a sort of stunning admission -- watch: 'We have arrested almost 100 people highly linked to terrorist groups, specifically ISIS.'"

Fox's Ed Henry then said to Fitton, "And those were the ones that were actually caught. So, could more ISIS terrorists be embedded in the ranks of Central American migrants headed here to America? … When you listen to much of the mainstream media, you hear these are just innocent people, there’s pregnant women, there’s kids, Tom, they’re at the front of the line, they’re just seeking asylum, they’re all very innocent.”

Fitton said, “Well, it’s not the case. Guatemala is a mess in terms of being a way station for basically terrorists, MS-13 gang members, and other types who we don’t want crossing into Mexico, certainly not into the United States."

"Right now we’re outsourcing all our national security concerns in that regard to Guatemala," said Fitton.  "This statement by the president of Guatemala was made a week or so ago and it was only Judicial Watch tracking Spanish media that picked up on it.”

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Henry then remarked, “So, what does it tell you about the potential for their being – and we want to underline the potential, we don’t know who’s in this caravan, which is the broader point, isn’t it? That many in the mainstream media portray it as being a very innocent caravan of people seeking a better life when, in fact, if you listen to the local officials in some of these countries, they’re waving red flares out there for all of us to see that, Tom, there could be more ISIS terrorists coming.”

“Well, not only that, [but] you have the MS-13 situation," said Fitton. 

"Guatemala announced they picked up 1,000 gangbangers, as well, tied to that [migrant caravan] group," he said.  "We already know that the unaccompanied migrant problem resulted in increases of MS-13 gang activity."

"So we can’t keep out the gangsters, why would we think we can keep out people who are a bit more sophisticated in who they are and what they plan to do, such as terrorists from abroad?" said Fitton.

"This is why the military has to be a part of the solution," he said.

"We can’t wait for a wall," said Fitton.  "We need to deploy the military to secure the border now given the threat we’re facing from the narco-terrorists and the MS-13 threats.”

(Getty Images North America.) 


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