Judicial Watch: Intel Memo Strikes 'Devastating Blow' to 'Mueller Investigation'

Michael W. Chapman | February 2, 2018 | 5:38pm EST
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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. (YouTube)

Contrary to the claims of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the intelligence memo released today by the House Intelligence Committee strikes a "really devastating blow" at the "Mueller investigation" of alleged Trump-Russia collusion, said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. He added that "the whole thing is subject to being called off now."

Speaking on Fox News about 90 minutes after the memo was released to the public, Fitton said, “It would be difficult to overstate the revelations in this memo, not only in terms of the corruption during the Obama administration but the really devastating blow it strikes at the [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller investigation."

"When you have the Obama Justice Department take their best shot with the FISA court, and their best shot is a Clinton campaign document – to run the narrative that there was Russia collusion requiring surveillance of a Trump campaign official or volunteer – and it turns out there was nothing else there but for that dossier paid for with Clinton/DNC funds, then that means there’s no Mueller investigation without the dossier, paid for by Clinton and DNC funds," said Fitton. 

“So the whole thing is subject to being called off now by the Justice Department, if they’re brave enough, based on these disclosures today," he said. 

He continued,  "I’m hearing a lot of talk about the innocent explanations about the information in this memo. If they were so innocent, then why did the FBI and Justice Department steadfastly object and stonewall congressional requests, Judicial Watch requests for information about the dossier and how it was handled?"

“We learned today that the FBI authorized the payment to the Clinton campaign vendor, Christopher Steele," said Fitton.  "And when he was cut off, allegedly, the FBI still wanted his information and used a cut-out, Bruce Ohr, who used his wife to funnel information obviously improperly to the FBI."

Ex-FBI Director James Comey and former Democratic presidential
candidate Hillary Clinton. (YouTube)

The FISA court was then "misled," said Fitton.

"What did [FBI Director Christopher] Wray know about this and why isn’t he taking steps to reform the FBI?" he siad.  "Mr. Mueller, when did he know? The dossier that is the basis, fundamentally, for the Russia-collusion narrative and the fundamental basis for his investigation – what did he know and when did he know it about the Clinton involvement in his investigation?"

When asked about Speakerr Ryan's comment that the memo in no way impugns the Mueller investigation, Fitton said, “The memo speaks for itself. Did the Speaker read the memo that his party authorized the release of from the House of Representatives? … The documents are out there."

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. (YouTube) 

"When you have Andrew McCabe, who is no friend of Donald Trump, testify there would be no FISA – a spying operation on the Trump team – without this Clinton dossier, that necessarily means there would be a Mueller investigation because Mueller was hired to investigate this alleged Russia collusion," said Fitton.  "And the only reason there’s alleged Russia collusion, it looks like, is because they had this dossier, paid for by the Clinton camp. I don’t know what Speaker Ryan is thinking."

"The politicians in Washington, D.C. are protective of Mr. Mueller, the establishment politicians," he said. "And Donald Trump, frankly, seems like the only one who understands what Mueller’s about at this point. 


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