Hollywood Writer/Actor Jake Weisman: Christ 'Sucked His Own D**k'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 20, 2018 | 4:05pm EST
Anti-Christian writer/actor
Jake Weisman. (YouTube)

After Christians complained about his pornographic attack on Jesus Christ in his Comedy Central show "Corporate,"  writer, actor, and "comedian" Jake Weisman reacted by tweeting, "that's when christ was born or sucked his own d**k." (Asterisks added.)

He also tweeted with glee, "I have now gotten the Catholic League to report on the fact that I said Jesus sucked his own d**k. I do not think there is anything funnier I could ever do."

In the Feb. 14 (Ash Wednesday) episode of "Corporate," a woman is depicted as a nun who sucks on a crucifix-shaped popsicle, declares it is her "favorite flavor -- the blood of Christ," and then she gives another character the middle finger salute. 


 In a press release the next day, Catholic League President Bill Donohue criticized the vile scene and noted that, "Comedy Central hires a large number of anti-Catholic bigots.... The writers, directors, producers, and actors are sick people."  Weisman later that day tweeted, "I am gonna' bring the whole system down."

On Feb. 16, Christian News Wire ran Donohue's criticism of Weisman and "Corproate." Weisman subsequently tweeted, "I have truly outdone myself. The Christian News Wire has written an article about me threatening to take the whole system of Christianity down and consider me a serious threat."


That same day, the Catholic League issued another release stating, "I am happy Weisman made this threat. While Hollywood was not always a bastion of anti-Catholicism, in the past half-century it has certainly evolved into one."

"Let’s be honest: If Jews were portrayed the way Hollywood portrays Catholics, it would be labeled the premier anti-Semitic industry in America," said Bill Donohue

Donohue also stated he was writing to Comedy Central's parent, Viacom, about Weisman's "public admission of anti-Catholic bigotry."

In response to Weisman's tweet about the Christian News Wire article, Katie Wilbert mockingly quoted from the site, "The nation's leading distributor of religious press releases -- since 1989. lol."

At that point, Jake Weisman tweeted back, "that's when christ was born [1989] or sucked his own d**k."


In that same thread, Weisman tweeted such endearing comments as, "I am the new god and will destroy all other gods," "me and [Harvey] Weinstein," "they should see my big donkey d**k," "me jew exec bring down religion," "god is a dumb bitch and needs to know sonner rather than l8r," and "I am a god now." (Not surprisingly, BuzzFeed Deputy Editor Louis Peitzman tweeted "congratulations" to Weisman for riling the Catholic League.) 

As for Harvey Weinstein, Jake Weisman, and Viacom, Bill Donohue noted, "We noticed that Viacom has a New York office located at 345 Hudson Street (also the site of Comedy Central’s headquarters). Curiously, this is the same address of the Weinstein Company. As everyone knows, Harvey and Bob are veterans in the war on Catholicism. Imagine if we placed a wire in this building to see what is said about Catholics on a daily basis!"

One wonders when the cutting-edge Jake Weisman will show a woman in Arab garb licking a chocolate Quran and declaring "that's when Muhammed sucked ...." Don't hold your breath. Comedy Central's primary target is always Jesus Christ and His Church. 

A scene from Jake Weisman's "Corporate," where a woman dressed as a 
nun prepares to suck a crucifix. (NewsBusters, Comedy Central) 

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