Facebook Bans Netanyahu's Son for Saying 'All Muslims' Should Leave Israel

By Michael W. Chapman | December 17, 2018 | 1:31pm EST
Israeli Prime Minister Bibi
Netanyahu and his son,
Yari Netanyahu, background,
at the Western Wall. 
(Getty Images)

In another example of its disregard for free speech and practice of Stalin-like censorship, Facebook temporarily banned Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for posting a comment about the lack of radical Islamist attacks in Japan and that, if given a choice, he would prefer that "all Muslims leave" Israel and not "all Jews" in order to attain peace.

After Yair Netanyahu, 27, was blocked by Facebook for 24 hours, he took to Twitter where he described Facebook as a "dictatorship of thought," reported the Daily Mail

Yari Netanyahu, center, an dhis parents. (Getty Images) 

In the posts that Facebook found unacceptable, Netanyahu wrote, "Do you know where there are no [Islamist] attacks? In Iceland and in Japan where coincidentally there are no Muslims."

He also wrote that there were only two possible solutions for peace, either "all Jews leave [Israel] or all Muslims leave. I prefer the second option," reported the Daily Mail

The day the 27-year-old made his posts on Facebook, two Israeli soldiers had been shot and killed in the West Bank and a baby -- delivered prematurely because its mother was shot -- also died. 

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