Dr. Dobson: Obama's LGBT Agenda Is Designed to Fuel Social 'Chaos' and Impose a 'Tyranny'

Michael W. Chapman | June 30, 2016 | 11:45am EDT
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Dr. James Dobson. (Photo:

Family Talk radio) 

In reaction to the transgender-student "guidelines" President Barack Obama sent out to the nation's public shcools, Dr. James Dobson said it was another way of sowing chaos in our institutions because Obama wants to "fundamentally change America," and by altering this generation and future ones with the LGBT agenda, it is a way to "control" people and that is "tyranny."

"If he gets control of the next generation, then his successors will have an easier time of controlling us," said Dr. Dobson on the June 24 edition of his radio show Family Talk.  "And that’s what it comes down to -- it comes down to tyranny."

Leading up to that conclusion, Dr. Dobson said, “It seems like everything he’s [Obama] tried to do has been to move us toward chaos -- chaos in the military, chaos in medicine, certainly, chaos in the family, in marriage, chaos in the judiciary, in the courts, chaos in the economy, chaos in every branch of government, chaos in education, from kindergarten through the largest and most influential of the universities, it’s been chaos."

"And now he’s trying to tell parents how to raise their children" with his LGBT agenda, said Dr. Dobson.  "And that will be the most chaotic of all, because that leads toward the next generation. If he gets control of the next generation, then his succesors will have an easier time of controlling us. And that’s what it comes down to-- it comes down to tyranny."

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"If the people have to take a choice between chaos and tyranny, they will always choose tyranny," he said, because chaos is unpredictable, and tyranny is generally not, even when you’re under an oppressive regime. I think control is what it comes down to.”

Co-host Dr. Meg Meeker then asked, “Are you saying that he’s setting the table for future left administrations to run the table?”

Dr. Dobson said, “Yeah that's called his legacy, you hear that spoken of frequently on the news. He wants to leave America different than he found it. He called it to 'fundamentally change America.' That was his goal from the beginning. How do you change it? You change it with chaos."

"And I want to say in closing -- we’re out of time here -- but the history of America has been a people who had a passion for freedom," said Dr. Dobson. "They were not willing to be tyrannized. They fought a revolutionary war because they were being oppressed and tyrannized. And we’re moving in that direction."

"And I’m not calling for a revolution," he said, "but I am saying we better stand up and fight, because we’re losing something precious to us. It’s called liberty.”

Dr. James Dobson, a psychologist and the author of 30 books, is the founder of Focus on the Family. He also is the founder and president of Family Talk radio. Dr. Dobson was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. 

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