Don Trump Jr.: 'The Left Hates' President Trump 'Much More Than They Love America'

By Michael W. Chapman | March 4, 2019 | 12:31pm EST
Donald Trump Jr. (Getty Images)

During a panel discussion at Liberty University that was live-streamed at CPAC on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. criticized liberals for applauding Michael Cohen -- a convicted felon who lied before Congress -- and stressed that the polical left today "hates" President Donald Trump "much more than they love America." They would rather see Trump fail than see America win, he said.

The panel discussion at Liberty University included Trump Jr., legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle, conservative activist Charlie Kirk, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., and his wife, Becki Falwell. 

During the discussion, Falwell Jr. noted the hypocrisy of the left in cheering the testimony of Michael Cohen, one of Trump's former lawyers, at a congressional hearing on Feb. 27, a time when President Trump was meting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to negotiate nuclear peace talks. 

“I have to believe that if President Obama had gone to Korea, had been there at a summit, and at the same time the Republicans had called a convicted felon to testify before Congress about Obama, everybody would be screaming, ‘That’s treason, you’re working against the United States’ chance to get peace with a nuclear power,'" said Falwell Jr. "But yesterday, we didn’t hear anyone yelling about it.”

North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump
meet in Hanoi, Vietnam to discuss denuclearization, Feb. 27, 2019. (Getty Images)

“No, 100%," said Donald Trump Jr. "I was pretty vocal about it on social media, for those of you who like my Twitter feed. Think about it -- even an opposition party that hates the president so much that you would counter-program nuclear peace talks with a convicted criminal, one of whose many convictions was lying to Congress."

“Think about what that does when the other side is seeing that going on simultaneously," he said. "You’re going to have a good negotiation with that going on in the background?"

"But that’s the reality," said Trump Jr.  "The left hates Donald Trump much more than they love America. They would rather see failed nuclear peace talks than give Donald Trump even a little bit of a win.”

Last fall, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, making false statements to financial institutions, illegal campaign contributions, and lying to Congress. In December, he was sentenced "to pay $1.39 million in restitution, $500,000 in forfeiture and $100,000 in fines," reported CNN.  "He must report to prison on March 6."


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