Chicago: 43 Shot, 5 Killed Over Weekend -- 2,530 Shot, 469 Killed So Far This Year

Michael W. Chapman | October 31, 2018 | 12:54pm EDT
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(Getty Images.) 

Over the weekend, 43 people were shot in Chicago and 5 of the victims died, making it one of the most violent weekends in the Windy City this year. Since the beginning of the year, 2,530 people have been shot in Chicago, according to the shooting and homicide data maintained by the Chicago Tribune

Further data, collected by the Chicago Sun-Times, shows there have been 469 homicides in Chicago so far this year -- 408 of those deaths resulted from shootings. Another 30 homicides were caused by stabbing and another 31 deaths were caused by "another type" of violence. 

Despite these crimes, a new YouGov poll shows that nearly half (45%) of Chicagoans say gun violence is "not a problem." Fifty-one percent say it is "a problem." 

Chicago police at a homicide crime scene.  (Getty Images.) 

For the 408 shooting deaths so far this year, 340 of the victims were black, 19 were white, and 46 were Hispanic, according to the Sun-Times

For the 30 stabbing deaths, 20 of the victims were black, 4 were white, and 6 were Hispanic. 

In the other 31-- "another type of" -- homicides, 16 of the victims were black, 5 were white and 8 were Hispanic. 

For the 340 blacks that were killed in a shooting, 312 of the victims were men. 

Overall, for the shooting deaths in Chicago this year, 83.3% of the victims were black. Among the stabbing victims 66.6% were black.  Among the other types of homicide, 51.6% of the victims were black. 

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