Catholic Bishop: 'The Vast Majority of the Abusers are Homosexuals'

By Michael W. Chapman | September 10, 2018 | 5:45pm EDT
Bishop Marian Eleganti. 

Contrary to the spin by the liberal media, the overwhelming majority of sexual abusers in the Catholic Church are homosexual priests, said Catholic Bishop Marian Eleganti in a recent statement. 

Eleganti is the auxiliary bishop of Chur, Switzerland, and he posted his statement about the ongoing scandal in the Church on his Facebook page on Sept. 5. It is translated there and an English translation was also published by

As the bishop explains, "The John Jay Report of 2010 concerning the sexual abuse in the Church in the U.S. shows that, in the time range of the last 60 years, 81% of the victims were male. Therefore, the vast majority of the abusers are homosexuals. The Final Report of the [Australian] Royal Commission of the year 2017 has come to similar results."

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"These are facts which may not be discussed in public, they are a taboo to which many leaders in the Church now bow down, pointing instead to clericalism as the root problem of the phenomenon," said Bishop Eleganti.  "No one denies that clericalism plays a role, but nevertheless it is in the Church proven that the abusers are mainly homosexual."

"The silencing of this fact is an additional form of cover-up which unfortunately is being committed also by Church representatives in Switzerland," he said.  "Whoever speaks about this fact in public, is being defamed and psycho-pathologized as being a homophobe."

He continued, "In a document published in 2016, Pope Francis maintains not to accept into the seminaries practicing homosexuals, men with deep-seated homosexual tendencies, nor those who support the so-called 'homosexual culture.' This instruction had already been established in 2005 by Pope Benedict."

Bishop Marian Eleganti speaking at a youth rally. (YouTube)

"I expect that those responsible in the Church will follow this instruction and take actions accordingly," said the bishop.  "Part of it is the public admittance that in the clergy of the Church, we have been dealing for decades now with mainly homosexual criminals."

"With all respect toward people with a homosexual inclination who do not commit any sexual assaults, it does not help to close the eyes in front of the facts when dealing with sexual assaults," he said.  "Without full transparency and truthfulness, there will be no credible investigation, nor any effective prevention."

That the homosexual subculture in the Catholic Church is the fundamental source of the abuse problems is well documented. Numerous bishops and lay person have commented on this fact but it is a politically incorrect phenomenon that the leftist media and the homosexuals in the Church do not want to discuss. 

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