Buenos Aires Culture Minister Eats 'Body of Christ' Cake With Stigmata Frosting

By Michael W. Chapman | May 29, 2018 | 11:17am EDT
Enrique Avogadro, the 
Minister of Culture for
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Enrique Avogadro, the Minister of Culture for Buenos Aires, Argentina -- the episcopal home of Pope Francis -- gleefully ate a piece of cake carved from a life-size confection of the crucified body of Christ, complete with bloody red frosting stigmata, at an art exhibit, an action that enraged many Catholics in the country and prompted Avogadro to apologize -- sort of.

At the Contemporary Art Fair at the Hippodrome of Palermo in Buenos Aires, during the weekend of May 26-27, Culture Minister Enrique Avogadro and Diego Radivoy, the director of Creative and Cultural Development, were shown the life-size crucified Jesus cake, made by the "artists" Pool and Marianela, reported Argentina TN.

A slice of cake was taken from Jesus' arm, put on a plate, and given to Avogadro. He promptly picked up a plastic fork and, smiling, started to eat the cake. The incident was videotaped and quickly spread across YouTube and the Internet. Avogadro's actions sparked much outrage among Christians in Argentina, which is a largely Catholic country.

Following the complaints by Christians, Avogadro took to Facebook and marginally apologized, saying, "I regret the discomfort that many people that I love and respect have transmitted to me, which surely reflects a similar feeling in many other people."

Minister of Culture Enrique Avogadro, left, prepares to receive a slice of the 
body of Christ cake exhibited and consumed at the Contemporary Art Festival,
held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 26-27, 2018.  (Image: Screenshot Argentina TN)

However, he also wrote, "I have a very clear opinion in favor of freedom of expression, particularly when it is linked to issues that challenge us, make us reflect, or are opposed to our own convictions. I also think that the place of art is often precisely that of making us uncomfortable and shaking us."

It is not known whether the "artists" Pool and Marianela have ever made a life-size cake for consumption of the Islamic leader Mohammed or of the Quran, but if they had, it seems highly unlikely that the Buenos Aires culture minister would have unhesitatingly tried a slice, on video, with a big smile on his face.

Buenos Aires Minister of Culture Enrique Avogadro. (Screenshot: Facebook)

Why? Because everyone knows it is offensive. Yet many politicians and "cultural" leaders are absolutely giddy with delight in belittling Christianity and offending its followers.

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