Billy Graham’s Daughter: ‘God Is Warning Us … 9/11 Was a Shot Across the Bow’

Michael W. Chapman | June 7, 2016 | 3:09pm EDT
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Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of pastor

Billy Graham. (Screenshot: FNC)

Commenting on America’s moral, political, and economic decline, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, said it is due to many national sins that offend God, particularly abortion, gay marriage, and an abandonment of Israel, and added that “God is warning us,” and that “9/11 was a shot across the bow.”

“As our culture and our country implodes and we seem to be morally and spiritually bankrupt in so many ways, and there’s anarchy in our streets and there’s apathy in the church and arrogance in our leaders, it’s stunning how fast we have imploded,” Anne Graham Lotz said during a May 21 radio interview on “Understanding the Times,” hosted by Jan Markell.   

“I think the same thing can be said now, God is warning us and He gives warning after warning,” said Lotz.  “9/11 was a shot across the bow. So God is moving slowly in His judgment because He doesn’t want to do it.”

“God doesn’t -- He doesn’t want us to have his hand of blessing and protection and favor removed,” she said. “He doesn’t want us to be exposed to all the terrible things that we see happening in our country and the world that’s going to get worse, if we don’t turn to God. So, He’s very reluctant. He wants all to come to repentance, He doesn’t want any to come under His judgment.”

World Trade Center, 9/11 attacks. (AP)

“So He moves slowly but He does move, and there’s a point, Jan, as you and I know, you can try his patience like Judah did, and [then] there’s a point of no return,” said Anne Graham Lotz. “I just don’t think we’re there yet because a lot of people stood up to pray.”

Host Jan Markell then said, “There seems to be three issues over which God has lost patience with us. We could list 10, 15, 20 but the top three would likely be the abortion issue, the defiance of God’s institution of marriage, and our abandonment of Israel.  And you call these national sins, which I certainly agree with you on. The abortion issue’s been going on 40 years ago. I think the abandonment of Israel is a little more recent, 6,7,8 years. Talk to us about these three issues that you call national sins.”

“I think it’s one thing for a woman privately to have an abortion,” said Lotz.  “That’s between her and God and it’s a tragedy. And for those who are listening, if there’s someone who has had one, I just want to say, God loves you and He can redeem that.”

“But when it becomes national policy and it’s legalized and taxpayer-funded, that’s a national issue,” said the evangelist.  “And the same thing with same-sex marriage. In our state we voted statewide to have a constitutional amendment to make sure that marriage was between one man and one woman. That vote was carried by a landslide. One judge came up and overturned it and said it wasn’t constitutional, and overturned that.”

Pastor Billy Graham and his daughter, Anne

Graham Lotz. (Photo: Billy Graham 

Evangelistic Association) 

“So, in our state they had same-sex marriage decided by one judge,” she said. “That’s a government policy, legalizing something that is directly defiant of what God has established.”

“And then the abandonment of Israel,” Lotz continued.  “I just see that through the Iran nuclear deal. I see it in what they’re trying to force Israel to do right now to give up the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal with Syria.”

“There are just so many things where we’re no longer Israel’s friend, we’re no longer standing beside her and helping to defend her from her enemies,” said Lotz. “It’s as though we’ve become her enemy. The Bible says, God says, when you bless Israel, you will be blessed. But if you curse Israel, then you watch out because God will come against you and you’ll be cursed.”

“So those three things, and there are many, many other sins – racial prejudice, greed among the corporations, and corruption in high places, there are so many sins,” said Lotz. “But those three in particular are ones that are a direct affront God. And I believe He’ll hold us accountable.”

Anne Graham Lotz, 67, is the author of 11 books and the president of AnGeL Ministries. She is married and has three children (her husband, Dr. Daniel Lotz, died in August 2015). The New York Times has described Anne Graham Lotz as one of the five most influential evangelists in the United States. 

Pastor Billy Graham, circa 2003. Pastor Graham is retired now and lives in his family cabin in Montreat, N.C. 

(Photo: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.) 


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