Billy Graham’s Daughter: ‘The Day of the Lord is Near,’ God is ‘Warning America,’ We’re in the ‘Last’ Generation

Michael W. Chapman | May 20, 2015 | 6:05pm EDT
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Anne Graham Lotz, an evangelical preacher, author, and the daughter of pastor Billy Graham, said “the day of the Lord is near,” which is a “time of judgment,” and that God is specifically “warning America.” She added that people must pray for repentance and mercy because, she believes, this is the “last” generation. 

“The message was very clear to me and it was that the day of the Lord is near,” said Anne Graham Lotz in a May 20 skype interview with CBN News. She was commenting on a scripture-teaching she had given about the prophetic book of Joel in the Old Testament, an experience that also prompted her to call on Americans to pray for our nation May 15-23, between Ascension and Pentecost.

“That’s the theme of the book of Joel,” she said.  “The day of the Lord is a time of judgment. It’s a time when God’s patience runs out. It’s a day of reckoning. And I felt that God was saying that the day of the Lord is near, and I felt specifically he was warning America.”

And “when the message comes through that the day of the Lord is near, we are to cry out, rend our hearts, which is a deep repentance,” said Anne Graham Lotz, the author of 11 books, including the critically acclaimed Just Give Me Jesus

“If we cry out and rend our hearts, there is the possibility that instead of bringing judgment, He would leave behind a blessing,” said Graham Lotz, adding that this is what led her to call for the Mayday! Mayday! prayers in May.

When asked by CBN News host Lorie Johnson about warnings from God such as natural disasters and terrorism and whether the Christian church “is getting the message,” Graham Lotz said she did not know and noted that some pastors say these dramatic events  “have always happened,” and they “get a little irritated with people like me who try to sound the alarm or blow the trumpet.”

But there is difference, she said, in that “what we’re seeing today is increasing in frequency and increasing in intensity. Jesus said in Matthew 24 that when there’s one generation that includes the Gospel being preached to the whole world, includes the re-birth of the nation of Israel, and all the signs that He gives – and the signs that He gives, he says, are like birth pangs.”


She continued, “the birth pangs, the signs that Jesus gives, whether it’s in the environmental world, or our national world, the wars and rumors of wars, or the persecution of Christians, the persecution of Jews.”

“When we see that ratcheting up, increasing in frequency and in intensity in the same generation that sees the Gospel being preached to the whole world and Israel reborn as a nation, that’s the generation that’s the last,” said Anne Graham Lotz, who was born in 1948, the year in which the modern state of Israel was established.

“I believe, with deep conviction, that it’s my generation,” said Graham Lotz, who holds six honorary doctorates. “I was born the same – just a week – apart from the time when Israel was reborn as a nation, we’re the same age.”

“I believe that in my lifetime, if I live out my natural lifetime, I believe I will live to see the return of Jesus in the rapture when he comes back to take us to be with Himself, which means preceding that there are going to be some signs, there are going to be some warnings,” she said.

“And like the Israelites in Egypt when God sent the 10 plagues on Egypt and forced Pharaoh to let His children go,” she said, the Israelites also suffered under some of the plagues.

“They still came under some of the judgment,” said Anne Graham Lotz. “So before Jesus comes back, He may allow the church to go through some judgment because it purifies us. It helps us get our priorities straight and increases our focus and also our compulsion, I think, to share the Gospel with the people around us.”

And prayer is the only response to the problems today, stressed the evangelist, who is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries.

“I don’t think the answer is in Washington, I don’t think it’s in our economy, I don’t think it’s in our military,” said Anne Graham Lotz.  “Only God can solve the problems we face today. And the world is not going to turn to God. It’s up to God’s people to stand in the gap.”


“God’s people who are called in God’s name, if they will pray and humble themselves and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, then He’ll hear our prayer, He’ll forgive our sin and God will bless America,” she said.  “So I think the blessing on America is directly related to God’s people getting their act together.”

Anne Graham Lotz then referenced Romans 1, explaining that when people reject God, He backs away and “allows us to be subjected to things that He’s been protecting us from for hundreds of years in this country,” and that if people do not repent, He furthers the judgment.”

“The implied truth is that if we would repent, if we would turn to Him, He would stay His hand of judgment,” she said.  “So my prayer for Mayday! is that as a result of our prayer, standing in the gap for our nation, that God will either delay His judgment or soften His judgment or perhaps not judge us at all but leave behind a blessing.”

Anne Graham Lotz then explained how people could learn about the prayers and goals of Mayday! at its website, stressing that “we’re not collecting email addresses [and] not asking for money.” The prayers for each day will be sent to those who who want them, and there is also an audio version of each day’s prayer and a video clip about the prophetic teaching in the book of Joel.

“The whole thing is geared to bring people into the presence of God and to really not only intercede for our nation but intercede for the church, intercede for ourselves, and pray that God will bless America once again,” Anne Graham Lotz told CBN News.

The prayer for May 20 is here.

It partly reads, “We worship You, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You are the living God of our nation’s founding fathers: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and many others. We pledge our allegiance as one nation under You. Every time we use American money to buy or sell, we make the statement that in You we have placed our trust. We acknowledge that You are the One who has set us high above all the nations on the earth. … The whole world has known that we are identified with You, and they have respected us.



“We are appalled by the blatant sin that is all around us. We dare not lift up our faces before You. We are covered with shame. How could we, in our arrogance, pride and rebellion, dare to even think, much less discuss and legalize defiance of Your institution of marriage? How could we publicly celebrate relationships that are an affront and a contradiction to Your Creator’s instructions for living the life You have graciously given us? How can we willingly, intentionally exterminate life that You created and that bears Your image…for our own convenience?

Therefore, we turn to You with tears of shame and a heart of fear for the judgment we are provoking. The Spirit within us witnesses to the truth that the Day of the Lord is soon! You are backing away from us as we tell You to get out of our national life. We are losing Your blessing as a nation. So we turn to You with humility. With sincerity. Out of necessity. With a desperate sense of urgency.

“Hear our prayer. Forgive our sin. Heal our land. We are standing in the gap for our nation. In the name of the One who was with You in the beginning, the One to whom our forefathers looked, and the One who is with us today. JESUS.”

Anne Graham Lotz is the second daughter of Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell Graham, who died in 2007. Anne Graham Lotz is married, has three children, and lives in Montreat, N.C. She is the president and CEO of AnGel Ministries

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