VIDEO: Bench-Clearing Brawl Erupts Between MLB’s Reds, Pirates

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | July 31, 2019 | 9:54 AM EDT

Reds' pitcher Amir Garrett charges Pirates' dugout, throwing punches (left) and Reds and Pirates involved in a scrum (right) (Screenshots)

A bench-clearing brawl erupted between Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates after Reds’ pitcher Amir Garrett charged the Pirates’ dugout during Tuesday evening’s game.

This is not the first confrontation between the two teams. Earlier this year, Yasiel Puig of the Reds, according to The Washington Post, “tried to fight the entire Pirates team during a benches-clear brawl.” Traded during the offseason from the LA Dodgers to the Reds, “Sunday[, April 7] offered a useful way to keep it in mind: the memorable sight of the red-clad outfielder appearing to charge at the entire Pittsburgh Pirates squad during a brawl.”

Pittsburgh had a lead (8-3) going into the top of the ninth, and Reds’ pitcher Jared Hughes hit the first batter up to the plate, Starling Marte. Hughes was immediately ejected by the umpire. According to the announcers, the acting manager of the Reds was also ejected. Amir Garrett then entered the game to pitch with one on and no outs.

With one out and two runners on base, José Osuna of the Pirates knocked a three-run home run to push the score to 11-3 with one out in the ninth. Newman would come to bat next, hitting a short chopper to the first baseman and making out number two for the inning.

A few moments later, Jeff Pickler of the Reds came to the mound to talk to his pitcher Amir Garrett, play-by-play announcer for Fox Sports Jim Day suggesting “there is a serious conversation going on” between the two, “and Garrett is hot.” Jim Day continued, “And now there’s some serious chirping coming from the Pirates’ dugout.”

Then, Garrett charged the opposing teams’ dugout, punches thrown.

“This is not a good scene at all,” said Day. “You can feel it brewing and brewing and brewing. And I’m not sure the umpires are going to be able to break up this one.

“Garrett went flying towards the Pirates’ dugout, and went throwing punches. A certain suspension for him,” speculated Day a bit later during the continuing scrum.

“There will be suspensions,” speculated the other Fox Sports announcer Chris Welsh a bit later. “There will be fines. Hopefully there are no injuries.”

Below is another look at a longer clip from last evenings' game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates would go on to win the game against the Cincinnati Reds 11-4, the Pirates notching 12 hits and the Reds mustering eight in the outing.

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