Tim Tebow on 316 Stat-line in Playoff Win: People Say ‘Coincidence’ – ‘I Say, Big God’

By Michael Morris | December 8, 2016 | 2:40pm EST
Tim Tebow sports John 3:16 eye black during the Florida Gator's 2009 National Championship victory over the Oklahoma Sooners. (AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

In an interview with Harry Connick Jr. on HarryTV, Tim Tebow explained the amazing 316 stat-line “coincidence” that occurred during his playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers exactly three years after wearing “3:16” in his Florida Gators National Championship game saying, “A lot of people will say it’s coincidence – I say, big God.”

“And during the game 90 million people had already Googled John 3:16,” said Tim Tebow. “It was the number one trending thing on Facebook and Twitter. And a lot of people will say it’s coincidence – I say, big God.”

Discussing his new book “Shaken” on HarryTV, Tebow described the miraculous occurrence admitting, “I didn’t even know that it was exactly three years later.”

In leading the then No. 2 ranked Florida Gators to their second National Championship in three years, Tebow had worn eye black under his eyes that read John 3:16. “We were playing for the National Championship in college on January 8, 2009, and I decided to wear John 3:16 under my eyes,” recalled Tebow. “And during the game 94 million people Googled John 3:16, and it was a pretty cool moment.”

Little did Tebow know what an impact it would have exactly three years later.

Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tebow commandeered his team to an 8-8 season, and squeaked into the playoffs to face down the league’s leading defense in the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2011 NFL season’s Wild Card round on January 8, 2012. The Broncos would go on to win the game 29-23 in OT.

According to ESPN, Tebow threw for a “season-high 316 yards passing” in the win. Not only that, but ESPN’s statistics show that Denver averaged 31.6 yards per reception as a team and that the Broncos possessed the ball for 31:06.

“Afterwards, I’m going into the press conference, because I love talking to the media,” joked Tim Tebow as he recalled the story for Harry Connick Jr. and the audience, “and our PR guy jumps in front of me and says, ‘Timmy, do you realize what happened?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we just beat the Steelers. We’re going to play the Patriots.’ He was like, ‘No. Do you realize what happened?’ And I was like, ‘Alright, Patrick, what’s up?’ He said, ‘It’s exactly three years later from the day that you wore John 3:16 under your eyes.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s really cool.’ He says, ‘No, I don’t think you realize what happened. During the game you threw for 316 yards, your yards per rush were 3.16, your yards per completion were 31.6, the ratings for the game were 31.6 and the time of possession was 31.6.’”

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