Tebow on Staying with Collapsed Fan: 'I Just Wanted to Be There, Wanted to Pray for Him'

By Michael Morris | October 13, 2016 | 11:31am EDT
Tim Tebow stays to comfort a baseball fan who collapsed while the former NFL quarterback was signing autographs following his Fall League debut. (Screen Capture - ESPN)

Former NFL quarterback turned baseball up-and-comer Tim Tebow is back in the news again, this time for staying with and praying with a fan who collapsed from a reported seizure following Tebow’s Arizona Fall League debut in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I just wanted to be there, wanted to pray for him,” Tebow said when asked about staying with the collapsed baseball fan. “Didn’t know exactly what his, what was going on. And I just wanted to be there to pray for him and lift him up, and be there for him and whatever you could possibly do.”

Following the game, Tebow was signing autographs with fans when one of them, Brandon Berry, reportedly “collapsed from heat exhaustion just a few feet away from Tebow.”

Having experienced seizures “for the last three years,” Berry reportedly “fell into another one soon thereafter,” noted 12News, an NBC affiliate.

“The guy that I was signing for turned to his right,” recounted Tebow, “and I could see on his face, like, you know, something happened. So I looked over, and then I saw Brandon going, kind of, right as he was getting to the ground, going into a seizure.”

Upon noticing this, Tebow did what he knew to do – he stayed and prayed with the fan – relieved when Brandon started to come to.

“You never want to diagnose someone that’s going through something,” Tebow remarked when asked what he experienced when something like this happens. “But you at least know that he’s awake and just try to be there for him when the paramedics show up, and honestly, try to make him smile and take his mind off of whatever he’s going through.”

Tim Tebow’s Fall League debut in the shadows of University of Phoenix Stadium, a place where he won a college football championship with the Florida Gators back in 2007, may not have gone as planned – the former NFL quarterback going 0-for-3 on the day, according to ESPN – but one fan will likely remember the game for the exceptional character Tebow continues to exhibit off the field.

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