As Super Bowl 50 Looms, Tebow Asks America to Stop Idolizing Sports: Do We See What Really Matters?

Michael Morris | January 28, 2016 | 2:31pm EST
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Tim Tebow (AP Photo/Michael Zamora)

With Super Bowl 50 looming and the likes of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton set to square off, Tim Tebow warned sports fans at a benefit for the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama about idolizing sports stars and celebrities.

“We choose to idolize certain things, and love certain things,” Tim Tebow said while speaking at a benefit for the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama. “I’m not saying it’s wrong to love sports. I love them as much as anybody, but do we choose to really see what matters?”

Below is a transcript of Tebow’s comments at the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama:

“Well, a couple years ago – every year I have a gala and a golf tournament to raise money for my foundation – and it was, I think, three years ago I was walking into my gala and everybody was already in there. I walked in the back door, and I see, probably about seven or eight of the celebrities at the front right. I see a bunch of people watching them, looking at them. You can tell, they’re idolizing them, and they want to get a picture with them.

“I was looking at these guys, and it just hit me, because I was thinking about, ‘What am I going to talk about tonight. You know, what is God going to put on my heart?’ I just wanted to share something real, something emotional, something that I was so passionate about.

“I saw all of these celebrities, and I mean, it was Deion Sanders. I was thinking about the moments that click for me, like him high stepping down the sidelines. Then it was Evander Holyfield, and I was thinking about when he upset Mike Tyson, like how crazy that was for me as a kid. Then I saw Emmitt Smith, my favorite player growing up – not to mention he’s a Gator. It’s all good. I thought about him breaking all the records that he broke.

“I was looking at my coach, Coach Meyer. Then I was looking at Lindsey Vonn, who just won a gold medal. Then I saw Rascal Flatts, and you know, the moments they had. Then it was Bubba Watson talking to them, and Bubba had just, you know, in overtime, he had hit 16 and hit it and won The Masters for the first time.

“All these guys are sitting here talking, and all these other people are sitting there watching them. Then, on the very back, were three girls, and they were three of our ‘wish girls.’

“All three of them have incredible stories, and I was thinking, ‘How messed up is this?’

“You know, all these men and women that are celebrities, they’re awesome. They’re good friends of mine, and they do a lot. And everyone was idolizing these men and women, and nobody was paying attention to these three girls. I think all of them would agree, these three girls have more character, heart and determination to fight through what they had fought through than any one of those celebrities right there.

“I was watching them, and it just so struck me that this is what matters. This is what we should be focusing on. Yet, so many times these are the people that are forgotten.

“And I’ll never forget, there was the oldest – I think she was 19 at the time – and she held her arm around one girl, who was a little bit younger, and her arm around another girl. It was a family, and all three of them had been fighting so many … all three of them had fought cancer. One of them had fought tremors and tumors, and they had all gone through so many tough obstacles in their life. Yet, they were just hanging onto each other, watching it, not fighting to get their way.

“Man, I was just thinking, ‘Man, what a picture, what a picture of how so many of us choose to live.’”

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