Street Artist Sabo: Young People 'Indoctrinated to Be Leftists'

By Michael Morris | December 18, 2014 | 12:27pm EST

Controversial street artist Sabo, for the first time ever, publicly revealed his face on television on the One American News Networks Rick Amato Show last night.

Sabo, is his work art, or is it another form of vandalism? You be the judge.

Known for his unique and in-your-face pieces, Sabo attempts to point “out the hypocrisy of liberal ideology and liberals on the left in general,” says Rick Amato. And until yesterday, Sabo had kept his face, at least on television, anonymous.

But why did he choose to reveal himself now?

Sabo’s answer, both candid and intriguing, suggests that it was both for his safety and to inform conservatives of the need to “start rallying our creative assets now.”

“We have two years to try and take back this country, and the left, they’re 24/7. They never sleep, and we have to learn to be the same way.”

Sabo also says that he was compelled to show his human side. “I’m a very normal guy,” says Sabo. In doing so, he also felt it important to note his gray hair.

But what about his hair color is so important? Sabo explains:

“It’s kind of odd that someone my age would be doing street art. You would think it would be a crew of young kids out there doing it, but if anything, to me, there are no young people out there doing what I do because they’re indoctrinated at a very young age to be leftists.”

“I mean, it’s almost a given, if you’re going to be a creative – a musician, an entertainer – you just move over towards the left,” laments Sabo.

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