Stephen Curry on Parents’ Stress Level While Playing Brother in Playoffs: ‘God Has Blessed Them’

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | May 20, 2019 | 11:00 AM EDT

Stephen and Seth Curry's parents Dell and Sonay Curry (left) and Stephen Curry (right) (Screenshots)

Stephen Curry was interviewed after game two of his Golden State Warriors’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers, a team on which his brother Seth Curry plays, on May 16. When asked about the stress level of his parents while he and his brother make NBA history as the first brothers to meet in the NBA Western Conference Finals, Stephen Curry responded, “God has blessed them.”

“None at all,” said Stephen Curry when asked if he had any sympathy for the “rollercoaster” his “poor parents” are on while watching their sons compete in the NBA Western Conference Finals. “They’re blessed. God has blessed them with two sons. Look at them. They’re blessed.”

“They are” blessed, agreed the ESPN reporter.

Stephen Curry, playing for his ninth season in the NBA – all for the Golden State Warriors – is the older brother of Seth Curry who is playing his first season with the Portland Trail Blazers and is in his fourth season in the NBA.

According to Bleacher Report, parents Dell and Sonya Curry planned to flip a coin to decide which kid to root for on a given night.

Seth Curry had the following to say about the brothers’ parents, according to Bleacher Report:

“[My mom] can look at the bright side: one of us is going to the finals at the end of the day, so there’s no losers.”

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