Over 100 Actors, Prominent Filmmakers Vow to Boycott Georgia Over Pro-Life Bill

By Michael Morris | May 13, 2019 | 1:33pm EDT
Hollywood sign (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Over 100 actors, actresses, entertainers and prominent filmmakers recently pledged to boycott the state of Georgia if the fetal heartbeat bill H.B. 481, also known as the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act” were to be signed into law.

On May 7, 2019, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law the LIFE Act, a bill that, according to Fox News, would “prohibit abortions in the state after a heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.”

According to CBS News, “several prominent production companies” vowed to boycott the state of Georgia after Governor Kemp signed into law the LIFE Act.

Christine Vachon – CEO of Killer Films

Christine Vachon, CEO of Killer Films, said in a tweet, “Killer Films will no longer consider Georgia as a viable shooting location until this ridiculous law is overturned.” Killer films is responsible for the Oscar-nominated film “Carol” and the Oscar-winning film “Still Alice.”

Mark Duplass – Duplass Brothers Productions

Actor and producer Mark Duplass tweeted, “Don’t give your business to Georgia. Will you pledge with me not to film anything in Georgia until they reverse this backwards legislation?” Duplass, according to, is known for the films “Safety Not Guaranteed,” “Creep,” “The One I Love,” and “The Lazarus Effect.”

David Simon – Blown Deadline Productions

David Simon of Blown Deadline Productions said in a tweet that his production company “will pull Georgia off the list until we can be assured the health options and civil liberties of our female colleagues are unimpaired.” Simon, reports CBS News, “is responsible for ‘The Wire’ and HBO’s ‘The Deuce.’”

Neal Dodson – CounterNarrative Films

In a similar tweet citing a Hollywood report piece on the filmmaker boycott, Neal Dodson of CounterNarrative Films said, “Add my company CounterNarrative Films (w/ #jcchandor & @annagerb) to the list. No Georgia filming on any of our projects until this law is gone. We’re with you @kvpi @MarkDuplass & @AoDespair.” Neal Dodson, according to, is known for the films “Margin Call,” “All Is Lost,” “A Most Violent Year,” and “Triple Frontier.”

Nina Jacobson – Colorforce

“Ditto,” responded film and TV producer Nina Jacobson of Colorforce in a tweet response to David Simon’s boycott tweet. Jacobson is best known for producing films such as “The Hunger Games,” “One Day,” and “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Producers J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele

Producer J.J. Abrams, known for the “Lost” TV series, the 2009 “Star Trek” and “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,” along with actor, writer and producer Jordan Peele, whose upcoming HBO horror series “Lovecraft Country” will be filmed in Georgia, as reported by Deadline, have “said they will donate their profits to groups that are fighting the so-called ‘fetal heartbeat’ law.”

Actress Alyssa Milano (Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images)

At least 115 actors, actresses and entertainers were added to a list tweeted out by Alyssa Milano to express their concern in a letter addressed to Georgia Speaker of the House Honorable David Ralston and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp about the fetal heartbeat bill.

The letter reads as follows:


“As actors, our work often brings us to Georgia. We’ve always found your state to be populated with friendly and caring people. We’ve found the hotels in which we stay and restaurants in which we dine while filming there to be comfortable and of a high quality. We’ve been glad to bring billions of dollars in revenue to support Georgia’s schools, parks, and communities.

“But we cannot in good conscience continue to recommend our industry remain in Georgia if H.B. 481 becomes law.

“This dangerous and deeply-flawed bill mimics many others which have already been deemed unconstitutional. As men who identify as small-government conservatives, we remind you that government is never bigger than when it is inside a woman’s body or in her doctor’s office. This bill would remove the possibility of women receiving reproductive healthcare before most even know they are pregnant and force many women to undergo unregulated, hidden procedures at great risk to their health.

“We can’t imagine being elected officials who had to say to their constituents ‘I enacted a law that was so evil, it chased billions of dollars out of our state’s economy.’ It’s not the most effective campaign slogan, but rest assured we’ll make it yours should it come to pass.

“This is the precipice on which you stand.

“We want to stay in Georgia. We want to continue to support the wonderful people, businesses, and communities we have come to love in the Peach State. But we will not do so silently, and we will do everything in our power to move our industry to a safer state for women if H.B. 481 becomes law.

“You have a choice, gentlemen. We pray you make the right one.

“With Love for the People of Georgia and in Solidarity with Women.”

Below is the list of actors, actresses, entertainers and filmmakers who, according to a tweet posted by Alyssa Milano on her Twitter page on April 2, 2019, agreed to boycott the state of Georgia:

  • Patrick Adams,
  • Uzo Aduba,
  • Judd Apatow,
  • Christina Applegate,
  • Tom Arnold,
  • David Arquette,
  • Patricia Arquette,
  • Essence Atkins,
  • Alec Baldwin,
  • Billy Baldwin,
  • Maria Bello,
  • Michael Ian Black,
  • Rachel Bloom,
  • Yvette Nicole Brown,
  • Laura Bell Bundy,
  • Sophia Bush,
  • Jessica Chastain,
  • Don Cheadle,
  • Holly Marie Combs,
  • Rob Corddry,
  • Laverne Cox,
  • James Cromwell,
  • David Cross,
  • Jon Cryer,
  • Felicia Day,
  • Laura Dern,
  • Minnie Driver,
  • Lena Dunham,
  • Mia Farrow,
  • America Ferrera,
  • Frances Fisher,
  • Joely Fisher
  • Josh Fox,
  • Spencer Garrett,
  • Jason George,
  • Joanna Going,
  • Adam Goldberg,
  • Chris Gorham,
  • John Gray,
  • Seth Green,
  • Greg Grunberg,
  • Pamela Guest,
  • Mark Hamil,
  • Colin Hanks,
  • Tim Heidecker,
  • Rashida Jones,
  • Ashley Judd,
  • Steve Kazee,
  • Michael Kelly,
  • Riley Keough,
  • Jaime King,
  • Zoe Kravitz,
  • Padma Lakshmi,
  • Brie Larson,
  • Eva Longoria,
  • Aimee Mann,
  • Daniel Danger Marin,
  • Heather Matarazzo,
  • Debra Messing,
  • Alyssa Milano,
  • Alfred Molina,
  • Mandy Moore,
  • Javier Muñoz,
  • Rosie O’Donnell,
  • Eliza Orlins,
  • Patton Oswalt,
  • Kelly Oxford,
  • Grace Parra,
  • Pedro Pascal,
  • Sarah Paulson,
  • Melissa Jo Peltier,
  • Sean Penn,
  • Piper Perabo,
  • Rosie Perez,
  • Martha Pimpton,
  • Natalie Portman,
  • Bill Prady,
  • Dallas Roberts,
  • Emma Roberts,
  • Emmy Rossum,
  • Mark Ruffalo,
  • Tracee Ellis Ross,
  • Kendrick Sampson,
  • Johnathon, Schaech,
  • Kristen Schaal,
  • Amy Schumer,
  • Alia Shawkat,
  • Michael Sheen,
  • Stephanie Sigman,
  • Sarah Silverman,
  • David Slack,
  • Amy Smart,
  • Regina Spektor,
  • Ben Stiller,
  • Tara Strong,
  • Amber Tamblyn,
  • Tessa Thompson,
  • Nick Thune,
  • Elizabeth Tulloch,
  • Gabrielle Union,
  • Krista Vernoff,
  • David Wain,
  • Lena Waithe,
  • Lisa Ann Walter,
  • Kerry Washington,
  • Michaela Watkins,
  • Naomi Watts,
  • Wil Wheaton,
  • Bradley Whitford,
  • Ricky Whittle,
  • Olivia Wilde,
  • Michael K. Williams,
  • Ariel Winter,
  • Evan Rachel Wood,
  • Shailene Woodley

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