Mark Levin: ‘Obama Administration Is Fanatically Obsessed with Choking Off Israel’

By Michael Morris | February 19, 2015 | 5:24pm EST

Nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin went after the Obama administration’s State Department yesterday for its stance on Israel – stating also that he (Levin) “is not going to burden [his audience] with” Obama’s Summit on ‘violent extremism’ either, because “I have no stomach to hear this guy (President Obama) on an issue in which he obviously doesn’t give a d***.”

“Well look at this,” said Mark Levin. “The United States State Department has issued a travel warning to Israel.”

Levin went on to quote what he read on using google translation of the Hebrew:

“The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for Americans who travel to Israel, with an emphasis on visits to Jerusalem.

“‘The security situation can change from day to day, depending on the state and regional peace. There is a danger of political tension and violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Will bring you injuries and even death up to American citizens,’ reads the warning.

“American publication states that the security situation in Tel Aviv and Haifa, similar to other major cities in the world and travel warnings related to visiting Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza.”

“Now I can see warnings to Gaza and parts of the West Bank that are controlled by the Arabs, the Palestinians,” stated Levin, “but the entire country of Israel, to issue a travel warning to the entire country of Israel?”

“Don’t think this isn’t intentional ladies and gentlemen – unrelated to what’s going on, as a matter of fact, on the ground in Israel; more effort to get rid of Netanyahu; more effort to choke that tiny little country,” Levin stated. “I don’t get it!”

“I don’t get it,” Levin said again. “With all hell breaking loose, with the IslamoNazis, IslamoNazi regime, IslamoNazi terrorists, two caliphates, World War III and the Obama administration is obsessed – fanatically obsessed – with choking off this tiny little gem.”

“Although, what do you expect?” Levin sarcastically asked. “They’re doing the same to our country. But it’s life and death over there – absolute life and death.”

“At the same time this administration is withholding weaponry from Egypt; Egypt’s now buying jets from France,” said Levin. “Say this administration is putting a shoulder on Jordan and Egypt, telling them not to strike so hard and so fast against the enemy. Egypt is now calling for a coalition of countries to fight in Libya. Obama created this stuff in Libya, as did Lindsey Graham and John McCain.”

“We don’t even support our allies!” exclaimed Levin. “But then again, look who’s president of the United States.”

“I’ve got all kinds of clips here, audio, that the backbenchers will play tomorrow of Barack Obama going on and on in his preposterous, ridiculous Castro-like speech, after his phony meeting today – oh our violence seminar,” Levin stated sarcastically. “I am not going to burden you with it. I’m not going to torture you with it. You can let the guys in the morning fill their time with it. I have no stomach to hear this guy (President Obama) on an issue in which he obviously doesn’t give a d***.”

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