Mark Levin: ‘As a Matter of Law’ Trump Nondisclosure Agreement ‘Is Nothing’

Michael Morris | August 24, 2018 | 11:57am EDT
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Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show on Wednesday, host Mark Levin again addressed the Michael Cohen case, addressing President Trump’s nondisclosure agreements and saying “as a matter of law” Trump’s nondisclosure agreement and Cohen’s plea deal “is nothing.”

“But as a matter of law, which is what prosecutors are supposed to be focused on, this is nothing,” stated Mark Levin about the part of Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen’s plea bargain concerning nondisclosure agreements. “Nothing, nothing, nothing.”

Mark Levin’s comments came after President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, plead guilty to eight federal charges, according to TIME, and after Cohen reportedly said, according to Politico, that he “participated in the conduct” of payments made to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal “for the purposes of influencing the election.”

Below is a transcript of Mark Levin’s remarks from his show Wednesday:

“But as a matter of law, which is what prosecutors are supposed to be focused on, this is nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

“Campaign funds weren’t used. The test isn’t whether a candidate is free to clean up his mess with his own money, or perceived mess.

“Here’s the other issue: Stormy Daniels entered into this agreement. Stormy Daniels was paid money. Stormy Daniels has now violated the agreement, and is effectively blackmailing the president of the United States. Let her slip-and-fall lawyer go into federal court with that one. I think he’ll be blown out.

“What exactly is she suing for? And so the media take the Cohen plea deal, the Lanny Davis plea deal, the prosecutor’s plea deal, claim what the prosecutor said, what Lanny Davis is saying and what Cohen plead to is the law.


“And now, ladies and gentlemen, now there’s more reason to impeach the president of the United States.

“You’ve got other knuckleheads out there saying the president is in legal jeopardy. No, he’s  not. No, he’s not.

“Paid with private funds, nondisclosure agreement, two cases. Whether he— Now, Mr. Dershowitz says if he directed his lawyer to do so, and didn’t reimburse his lawyer, then you got an issue. No you don’t. First of all, it didn’t happen. But no you don’t, as long as the lawyer didn’t use campaign funds, which he didn’t.

“Let’s take the worst case scenario: If Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to make payments to both of these women, if he directed Michael Cohen to use his law firms or his trust fund, or whatever they want to call it, to pay them and then he would be reimbursed, either through a Trump corporation or Donald Trump personally, even if all that happened, so what? So what?

“As I’ve said on this program yesterday, as I said on Hannity last night, as has been regurgitated by some of the smarter radio hosts who know to listen to what I’m saying, that’s not an adjudication. There’s been no adjudication. There’s been a plea bargain.”

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