Mark Levin Answers Trump-Bashing Psychiatrist Why He Wanted Interview: ‘I Consider You a Disgrace’

By Michael Morris | August 29, 2019 | 11:46am EDT
Dr. Bandy X. Lee on "Reliable Sources" with Brian Stelter (left) (Screenshot) and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (right) (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show host “The Mark Levin Show” on Tuesday, host Mark Levin answered trump-bashing psychiatrist and Yale Professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee’s question concerning why he wanted to interview her, Levin saying it’s because “I consider you a disgrace. That’s why.”

“Why did I want to do this interview?” Mark Levin asked, reiterating the question from Yale Professor Bandy X Lee. “I’m going to tell you why. I read your book. I’ve been watching you on television, and I consider you a disgrace. That’s why.”

Mark Levin’s comments came in response to a question from psychiatrist and Yale Professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee, whom Levin debated on his program concerning a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” which she authored along with several other psychiatrists, that bashes President Donald J. Trump. The debate on Levin’s show came after Dr. Bandy X. Lee appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter.

Below is a transcript, in pertinent part, of the dialogue between Mark Levin and Dr. Bandy X. Lee on his program Tuesday:

Mark Levin: “Why did I want to do this interview? I’m going to tell you why. I read your book. I’ve been watching you on television, and I consider you a disgrace.”

Psychiatrist and Yale Professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee: “And why is that?”

Levin: “That’s why. Because in my view, if you’re a mental health professional, you don’t go on to left-wing shows or Brian Stelter, all over MSNBC, advise Democrats in Congress—”

Lee: “I didn’t go all over.”

Levin: “Excuse me. Well, you’ve been around. I’ve seen you promoting your book, promoting your position. You say you’re a humanist, I think you said. You don’t really want to get involved in politics. That’s bologna.”

Lee: “I prefer—”

Levin: “Excuse me. It’s my observations. Now, I admit, not based on medical training but based on legal training and common sense.”

Lee: “[Indiscernible.]”

Levin: “You have not only allowed yourself  to become a political play thing of the left, you are loving it. And so, that is why I wanted you on this program.”

Lee: “Are you inside my head?”

Levin: “You disagree? You disagree? Well, I mean, ma’am.”

Lee: “Absolutely, because I—”

Levin: “I am inside your head. You’re inside my head. You’re inside everybody’s head.

“Go ahead.”

Lee: “Look, look. I don’t profit from the book. All the revenues are being donated.”

Levin: “I didn’t say you profited from the book. Who said that?”

Lee: “I don’t benefit from public appearances. In fact, my reputation has suffered, not benefited.”

Levin: “I didn’t say you do.

“You’re out there promoting a propagandistic point of view that is not based on in  medical science, or in my view – this is just my opinion – or in normally accepted standards of your profession. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. That’s my view.”

Lee: “Yes, because it’s really unprecedented that so many mental health professionals have risen up for any president for any party. In fact, there are thousands who are formed a coalition.”

Levin: “You’re damning your own profession. I agree with you.”

Lee: “… because the APA was not acting on behalf of the …”

Levin: “Not because. Because so many psychiatrists are liberals, that’s why.”

Lee: “The APA was favoring the government over protection of society. That is our point of view.”

Levin: “Now you sound like a conspiracy theorist. But you’re saying— Excuse me. You’re saying your profession organization is siding with the government against its members. Now the vast majority of members don’t believe that.”

Lee: “It actually said so. It said it was doing so to protect federal funding.

“Anyhow, I—”

Levin: “To protect who’s federal funding, doctor?”

Lee: “The APA’s federal funding.

“So …”

Levin: “Oh, so they’re bought and paid—”

Lee: “… let me ask—”

Levin: “Hold on now. So they’re bought and paid for, the APA. So we should ignore them?”

Lee: “Are you a Republican?”

Levin: “I’m a conservative Republican, but sometimes I oppose Republicans.”

Lee: “Have you ever voted for a Democrat?”

Levin: “Never.”

Lee: “Okay. Did  you vote for Donald Trump?”

Levin: “Yes.”

Lee: “Now would you say your views are objective?”

Levin: “Yes.”

Lee: “You tried to discount my views even though I am not a Democrat. I did not only vote for Democrats.”

Levin: “You said you voted for one Republican, and you wouldn’t tell me who. I’ve been more honest with you than you’ve been with me. Who did you vote for?”

Lee: “Well, I told you I supported one [a Republican]. I was too  young to vote.”

Levin: “You supported one. I see.”

Lee: “And now I believe I was mistaken.”

Levin: “Okay.

“What else do you want to ask me, doctor?”

Lee: “So, you discount my point of view based on …”

Levin: “I don’t discount your point of view at all.”

Lee: “… who I voted for.”

Levin: “I think it’s a—”

Lee: “Or who I met with.”

Levin: “Excu—hold on now.”

Lee: “Who I met with.”

Levin: “You’re putting words in my mouth. I don’t—”

Lee: “Even though I also met with—”

Levin: “Excuse me. Excuse me. I don’t discount your point of view.

“I think what you’re doing is, in my personal opinion, grossly unprofessional. But I don’t discount your point of view.”

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