Levin on Why Media Agreed Dems Lost Gov’t Shutdown: There’s Another Battle Coming

By Michael Morris | January 24, 2018 | 4:33pm EST
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Tuesday, host Mark Levin suggested that the reason the liberal media agreed that the Democrats lost the government shutdown battle is because there’s another shutdown battle coming in three weeks.

“But the media agreed, you see, that the Democrats lost the government shutdown,” said Mark Levin. “And everybody was saying, ‘Isn’t that amazing. Why are they doing that?’ Why do you think they’re doing that? Because there’s another battle three weeks from now.”

Levin’s remarks came after the government shutdown battle ended Monday, the media agreeing the Democrats lost, and Trump signing a bill to end the government shutdown after 3 days. The Great One’s comments also stem from a Conservative Review article on the government shutdown that denotes the different positions Chuck Schumer has taken on immigration over the years.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show Tuesday:

Levin: “You see, the Democrats believe they lost the government shutdown fight, and Mr. Schumer wants to show them there will be another one ‘and we will win this one.’ He is, he’s a very angry leftist.

“And as we disclosed last evening on the program, thanks to Daniel Horowitz’s piece at CR Conservative Review, Schumer’s been all over the map on immigration.

“He’s not thinking about the country. He never does.

“But the media agreed, you see, that the Democrats lost the government shutdown. And everybody was saying, ‘Isn’t that amazing. Why are they doing that?’ Why do you think they’re doing that? Because there’s another battle three weeks from now, and the media – the handmaidens of the radical left, the Pretorian Guard media – are telling the Democrats, ‘You’d better not do this again. You’d better not do it again. We want to advance big government, we want to advance the progressive agenda and we want our ratings to be jacked up again.

“Here, just listen. Hat tip, Washington Free Beacon. Cut one, go.”


Washington Free Beacon Media Clip: “The White House is taking a victory lap after Democrats in the Senate caved and voted to reopen the government.

“They got a deal to make a deal, maybe.

“Democrats, on Monday, after a three-day shutdown, have relented, accepting nearly all White House terms.

“Guys, that’s why the Democratic base is clearly worried they are getting played.”

Levin: “Stop.

“How many times have the media worried about the Republican base or the conservative base? Not in the least. But they worry about the Democrat base. They promote, they’re special pleaders for the Democrat base because they are the Democrat base.

“Go ahead.”

Washington Free Beacon Media Clip: “No, it’s a terrible deal.

“It seemed like everyone was losing. It seems like Democrats, maybe, lost this fight.

“Democrats lost the shutdown war.

“Democrats wanted a deal on DACA, but all they got was a promise.

“They are getting their butts kicked.

“The truth is the Dems got spooked, and the GOP got a boost.

“The progressive groups are very unhappy.

“But we know the DACA folks lost, the Democrats lost.

“The Democrats lost their leverage, at least until this next window, until the next shutdown.

“Schumer’s sellout.”

Levin: “Ahh, ahh, ahh. That guy figured it out. One guy figured it out. They’re looking at the next shutdown.

“Everybody’s congratulating McConnell.

“They’re looking at the next pretend shutdown, the next spectacle. They’re gearing up because Schumer blew it this time, as we’ve discussed at length.

“Schumer blew it this time. He didn’t position it the way they needed to position it, but now they will, you see. Now they’ve got their legs. They had sea legs before. Now they’re ready to roll. They’re ready to rumble.

“And the media insist they rumble, and their base, their all-important base, cooks galore – yes – they insist that they rumble.

“‘And a rumble we shall have. And as a matter of fact, now the wall’s off the table. Now we won’t even give them a plug nickel. Screw securing the southern border. Screw our past promises. No. Now we’ll show them.’”

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