Levin: We Can’t Trade Freely with China; They’re ‘at War with Us’

By Michael Morris | April 9, 2018 | 4:15pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Friday, host Mark Levin did what he said President Trump could not and called out China for being “our enemy,” saying we can’t trade freely with China; they’re “at war with us.”

“China is at war with us,” declared Mark Levin. “And it can’t be business as usual with a [country] that’s at war with us.

“We can’t’ just trade freely with that country,” Levin said later in the program. “That’s never been the position of free traders.”

Levin’s comments came as President Trump has shifted his focus from across the board tariffs to what many in the press are calling a “trade war” with China. Meanwhile, “[m]embers of the Trump administration are playing down talk of a trade war with China,” reports “Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s newly appointed chief economic adviser, told ‘FOX News Sunday,’ ‘We're not going to end up in a trade war.’”

Below is a transcript of Levin’s remarks from his show Friday:

“You see, a couple of things here, folks, as we continue to focus on what China has been doing to our military, our readiness, our private sector – stealing our technology and our jobs and all the rest.

“You see, if you really are a conservative who believes in free trade, if you are really a conservative who believes in a strong military, if you really are a conservative who believes in capitalism, then you realize that China is at war with us. And it can’t be business as usual with a [country] that’s at war with us.

“We can’t’ just trade freely with that country. That’s never been the position of free traders.

“China has and is committing acts of war and is in a state of war with the United States. It’s just that we have a president now who’s acknowledged it, and he’s trying to push back. You may not agree with everything he’s doing, but he’s trying to fight back.

“And on all the coverage of this today, none of the context has been provided – none of it. It’s just being portrayed as a business thing, a stock market thing, a tariff thing, but it’s bigger than that. It’s much bigger than that.


“To his credit, we’re not talking now about across the board tariffs, like the president did, pretty much, with steel and aluminum, which I strongly opposed. What he’s saying now is, ‘I’m focused on China.

“And while he can’t come out and say China’s our enemy, China views us as its enemy. So, I can come out and say, China is our enemy. Hello! Let me repeat it and underscore it. China is our enemy!

“I don’t care how much of our debt it has. I don’t care how much crap it ships into this country. We’re not talking about trade and commerce here. We’re not talking about markets here. They’re stealing our technology; they’re stealing our proprietary information; they’re stealing our patents. That’s not trade. And they’re using it to empower their military to threaten us and target us, and same with our allies.

“It’s about d--- time we woke up to this!

“They’re undermining our economic system – not through trade, through theft.”

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