Levin: ‘If the Israelis Listened to Bernie Sanders, They Would Cease to Exist’

By Michael Morris | April 3, 2018 | 2:15pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (left) and Senator Bernie Sanders (right) (Screenshots)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Monday, host Mark Levin singled out Bernie Sanders for his take on the Israeli government’s decision to use lethal force against Palestinians on the Gaza Strip on the border with Israel, saying, “If Israelis listened to Bernie Sanders, they would cease to exist.”

“What about Hamas and Islamic jihad?” Levin asked in response to a clip of Bernie Sanders speaking on how Israel should respond to threats on its border. “If the Israelis listened to Bernie Sanders, they would cease to exist.”

Mark Levin’s comments came after Sen. Bernie Sanders was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on CBS News “Face the Nation” on the recent clashes between Israel and Palestinians on the Israeli border, Sen. Sanders saying that Israel “cannot overreact and the idea of 15 or so people being killed and hundreds being wounded is – is to me unacceptable.”

Below is a transcript of Levin’s remarks from his show Monday:

Mark Levin: “But Bernie Sanders, and I’ll say this as a Jew, is disgusting beyond belief. He’s a self-hating Jew, in my view, as most communists were and are – as most communists were and are – if they’re Jewish.

“So, Bernie Sanders is on “Face the Nation,” and Margaret Brennan asks him about what’s taking place on the Gaza Strip on the border with Israel.

“Cut one, go.”

Margaret Brennan: “Sir, you have been critical of the Israeli government's decision to use lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators, killing 15, wounding over 700. The Trump administration has stopped short of calling on Israel for restraint. Should they explicitly do so?”

Levin: “Now, let’s stop here.

“Israel has shown restraint. As I said, this is exactly why they don’t do this to the Egyptians – the Palestinians.

“Would we tolerate this on our southern or norther border, folks? Would we tolerate this kind of activity: terrorists trying to come into this country; terrorist cells just south of the border? Would we not go in there and just blow them to kingdom come? Yes, we would, and we should.

“The IDF, the Israeli government is the most militarily restrained, probably on the face of the earth. I wouldn’t be this restrained.

“But look how the world jumps all over them, and not just the world, Bernie Sanders, one of the leaders of the Democrat Party.

“Go ahead.”


Sen. Bernie Sanders: “Yes, they should. Look. Gaza, as I think everybody knows, is a humanitarian disaster.”

Levin: “That’s not why, that’s not why they took up arms, Bernie. It doesn’t matter to Bernie. That’s not why they took up arms. They called it the ‘March to Return,’ not the humanitarian march. The timing was purposeful – Passover and Easter – to grab the world’s attention. It wasn’t a humanitarian march, Bernie.

“And if Hamas was about humanitarianism, why are they on our terrorist list in this country? They’re not about humanitarianism. Why are they building tunnels? Why are they working with Hezbollah and Islamic jihad? But, you know, go ahead.”

Sanders: “The employment rate there is beyond comprehension. And there is just enormous unrest. What the function of the United States government should be right now is to sit down with the Israelis, sit down with the Palestinians and figure out how, we can rebuild Gaza …”

Levin: “This man is a fool.

“Just to show you how crazy this situation is: The Israelis send in cement and steel. We pay for cement and steel to go into the Gaza Strip. Do you know who controls the cement and steel, Mr. Producer? Hamas! You know what they do with a lot of the cement and steel? They build those tunnels, the tunnels that have as their purpose to allow terrorists to sneak into the Israeli towns and kill their kids.

“Though surely Bernie Sanders must know this.

“Go ahead.”

Sanders: “… also to tell the Israelis that when you've got tens and tens of thousands of people protesting, they cannot overreact …”

Levin: “Really? What about Hamas and Islamic jihad? If the Israelis listened to Bernie Sanders, they would cease to exist.”

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