Levin Blasts Media: MSNBC, CNN Are ‘Day In, Day Out Get Trump’ Operations

By Michael Morris | March 13, 2018 | 3:01pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show “The Mark Levin Show” Monday, host Mark Levin blasted American media, specifically calling out MSNBC and CNN as “day in, day out get Trump’ operation[s].”

“So, MSNBC is a day in, day out get Trump operation,” stated Mark Levin. “CNN is a day in, day out get Trump operation.”

Levin’s remarks came after media attacked President Trump following his rally in western Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show Monday:

“But what I want to talk about today, among other things, among several things, the media. Now, I understand that most talk show hosts, radio and TV, spend all day talking about the lousy liberal media. I don’t do that. But we have a situation in this country now where the media are propagandists, they’re not reporters. And then when you call them on it – or the president calls them on it – it’s said to be an attack on free speech, freedom of the press and the First Amendment. And if you call out specific reporters, who are particular abominations, then you’re threatening their lives.

“Now this is what we’ve heard now since the president was at his rally in southwestern Pennsylvania, doing what the president does, and the media do not like what the president does. They don’t like how he speaks. They don’t like what he says. They don’t like him tweeting. They don’t like him. They don’t want him to be president.

“It’s okay for the media to go on and on about mental derangement and illness of the president. Of course, they’re not degrading the presidency are they? They’re not undermining our governmental system are they by bringing in a professor from Yale, who’s never met the President of the United States, where she’s going on and on and on, including briefing Democrats and talking to media figures about the president’s mental state. And so they go on about the Twenty-fifth Amendment that they don’t even understand.

“They have no problem giving voice to Maxine Waters and other low-IQ kooks of all races, backgrounds, sizes and genitalia going on and on about impeachment. Impeaching the president, for what? He hasn’t done anything. Nothing that warrants impeachment. But the media have given that voice.


“You look at the media, look at CNN. I have talked many times about how CNN has monopoly control of the airports, and now some of the backbenchers have picked up on that. They’re very good at that. Well, CNN got monopoly control of the airports when it was, at least attempting, to be an honest news operation. It never succeeded, but at least it tried.

“Now it’s a propaganda mill. And they hire the most discredited, partisan hacks one can think of. Their top national security guy worked for Obama. One of their big morning hosts is a Cuomo. And I could go on and on down the list. I can go on and on down the list.

“Look at MSNBC, Joe Scarborough. Joe Scarborough, when the president gave his first national speech in a joint session of congress, not this past January but the January before, he was jumping up and down like a clapping seal applauding the President of the United States. In fact, he had a private meeting with the president. It was all reported, prior to that speech. And indeed, during the primary season, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, two frauds, two complete frauds in their personal lives and in their public lives. They were close to Trump. They brought Trump on. They enjoyed Trump. They would laugh.

“Now they’re in full hate mode. They have nothing but vile, dripping contempt for the president, and they bring on as many guests as they possibly can to reinforce that.

“So, MSNBC is a day in, day out get Trump operation. CNN is a day in, day out get Trump operation.”

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