Knights of Columbus CEO: ‘No Excuse’ for Gov’t ‘Inaction’ on Saving Christianity in Iraq

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | September 13, 2017 | 3:12 PM EDT

ISIS fighter carries black ISIS flag. (Wikimedia Commons Photo/VOA)

In an op-ed on The Hill, Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson excoriated the U.S. government for “inaction” on saving Christianity in Iraq from the hands of ISIS, saying, “there is no excuse” for American bureaucrats not keeping with historical precedent on this issue.

“Why American bureaucrats have not reacted in keeping with the historical precedent in this instance is unclear,” stated Carl Anderson. “But there is no excuse for the inaction.”

The survival of Christianity and pluralism in the Middle East “may well lie in the hands of the U.S. Senate,” said Anderson on The Hill.

Anderson continued in his op-ed:

“Earlier this summer, the House unanimously passed HR 390, which would direct American aid to the minority communities — including Christians — targeted by ISIS for genocide. The bi-partisan bill was based in part on my testimony, and that of others, on Capitol Hill last year and would help ensure that money flows to minority religious communities who have too often been overlooked by American aid.

“But the Senate still has not acted. With each passing day, these communities become smaller, more in danger of reaching a tipping point of no return.

As a result of the Senate’s inaction, and despite promises from President Trump and statutory obligations, any meaningful amount of American aid has not yet been forthcoming.

“That America would allow communities targeted by genocide to fall through the cracks is unconscionable,” wrote Anderson. “This country put more than $7 billion into Sudan following the genocide in Darfur, including $2.7 billion in assistance from USAID for the Darfur region.”

But the Knights of Columbus CEO says, “There is a ready-made solution: HR 390. It would make perfectly clear what is expected of our government’s agencies and would provide a blueprint and mechanism for saving these fragile communities.”

“America’s senior legislative body must act now, before it is too late,” Anderson concluded.

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