By Michael Morris | June 3, 2019 | 2:17pm EDT
Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie (Screenshot)

In a tweet on her Twitter page Monday, Grazie Pozo Christie, M.D., a physician and Senior Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association addressed recent comments by Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen, M.D. on MSNBC about “women’s health across America,” Dr. Christie writing, “ABORTION DOESN’T IMPROVE A MOTHERS HEALTH.”

“The emergency is that @PPFA is in danger of losing hold of some of our hard earned tax money,” wrote Dr. Grazie Christie in a tweet. “They [Planned Parenthood] feel entitled to it, though they use it to eliminate our children. That’s what they call ‘healthcare’. [sic] ABORTION DOESN’T IMPROVE A MOTHERS [sic] HEALTH.”

Dr. Grazie Christie’s remarks came in response to Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen, who warned on MSNBC that “right now we are in a state of emergency over women’s health across America.” Later, Wen continued, “This is a real public health crisis, and we remain optimistic that the court will continue to side with us and see that what’s happening here in Missouri is not about patient care. It’s a political game that the governor is playing, and the end result is going to be endangering women’s lives.”

Planned Parenthood President Wen’s comments on MSNBC came in response to a recent decision by Missouri Circuit Court Judge Michael Stelzer’s decision to grant “a request to temporarily prevent state officials from revoking the license of a clinic operated by a St. Louis Planned Parenthood chapter, as the state's health department had sought to do.” reported “If the license is not renewed, Missouri will become the first state without a clinic providing abortions since the procedure became legal 46 years ago.”

Reiterating her point in a tweet of her own, the Planned Parenthood president wrote on Monday, “On Friday, we came within a few hours of a state ‘going dark’— which means that over one million women of reproductive age in Missouri would have to go outside their state for something that should be a right. #EmergencyResponse”

Responding to another Planned Parenthood-related tweet on Monday, one in which Planned Parenthood thanked “@peshkac for speaking out and sharing your abortion story,” Dr. Christie remarked, “The child could not be reached for comment.”

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