Duke Forward Marvin Bagley III: ‘All the Glory Goes’ to Jesus

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | March 9, 2018 | 9:46 AM EST

Marvin Bagley III after a win over Notre Dame in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals. (Screenshot)

Following a stellar performance in last night’s Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Tournament quarterfinal contest between the Duke Blue Devils and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Duke forward Marvin Bagley III noted, “First of all, none of this would be even possible without Jesus,” and later added, “All the glory goes to Him.”

“First of all, none of this would be even possible without Jesus,” stated Marvin Bagley III in an interview following the game. “You know, just coming out here and playing the game I love. All the glory goes to Him.”

Marvin Bagley III’s comments came after “No. 5 Duke rolled to an 88-70 victory over Notre Dame in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament quarterfinals Thursday night,” as reported on

Below is a transcript of Marvin Bagley III’s interview following the win on Thursday:

ACC Network Reporter Jason Capel: “Marvin, your first ACC Tournament: 33 points 17 rebounds. You’re a freshman. You’re supposed to be nervous out here. What were you able to do to dominate this ballgame on both ends?”

Marvin Bagley III: “First of all, none of this would be even possible without Jesus. You know, just coming out here and playing the game I love. All the glory goes to Him.

“You know, I just try to stick to the game plan, what coach told us to do. We watched the film. You know, just trying to do my part. Everybody else did their part, and we did it together as a team. And we got the win.”

Capel: “Coaching staff talked about in the second have, you guys needed to be more active in the zone. What was the game plan coming out to have that zone effect Notre Dame and take away their three point shooting in the final 20 minutes?”

Bagley III: “Well, we just had to be more active. You know, we were kind of like standing still a little bit in the first half, but in the second half we were more active with our hands. Our hands were wide. You know, we made it a little bit of, a couple of adjustments, and you know, we got it done, man.

“You know, we came out, we played together for the second half, and we got the job done tonight.”


Capel: “You’re Rookie of the Year, ACC Player of the Year [with] an opportunity to move to the semifinals tomorrow. What does it mean for you to play now in your first ACC Tournament?”

Bagley III: “It means a lot. You know, I’m already enjoying the experience of being here in New York. You know, it was a great crowd today. And I’m just trying to have fun and get the job done at the same time.”

Capel: “Congrats. Good luck.”

Bagley III: “Thank you. Appreciate it.”

The NCAA Rookie of the Year and ACC Player of the Year Marvin Bagley III was too much for the Irish, scoring 33 points and pulling down 17 rebounds in the win on Thursday evening.

The defending ACC Tournament champion Duke Blue Devils (26-6) will advance to play the 12th-ranked and sixth-seeded North Carolina Tar Heels in the second semifinal on Friday night in the New York Life ACC Tournament in Brooklyn, New York.

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