Conservative Comedian on Income Inequality: What Bill Gates Made ‘Made Me a Better Writer’

By Michael Morris | May 21, 2015 | 5:22pm EDT

Evan Sayet, the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian took to the stage, praising entrepreneurs Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the boys and girls at IBM. But why? Because they are American, and their ideas helped make Americans' lives easier.

“When you think about it,” says Evan Sayet, “just about every single thing we use to make our lives better — and to be more productive — was either first invented or later perfected in America.”

“When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is go turn on the computer, and I stop for a moment.” said Evan Sayet. “And I say, ‘Thank you boys and girls at Apple and IBM. Then I turn on, and the operating system comes up, and I stop for a moment. And by the way, notice. Those are two American companies. I stop for a moment, the operating system comes up, and I say, ‘Thank you Steve Jobs,’ or ‘Thank you Bill Gates’ – two Americans. I click on the internet. And I take a moment, and I say, ‘Thank you Al Gore.’”

“Did I mention that I’m Brian Williams,” joked Sayet to an already laughing crowd. “What? You don’t think Al Gore could have invented the internet? Really? He invented global warming.”

“But I do,” continued Sayet. “I stop for a moment, and I say, ‘Thank you.’ And I notice that every single one of those people, every single one of those organizations, is an American company and an American person, raised in this great nation, and free to pursue his dreams. And his dreams don’t take away my dreams. This idea of income inequality, I couldn’t care less how rich Bill Gates is, because what he made made me a better writer. It didn’t take away from me. It didn’t hurt me. It helped me.”

“This notion that this is a ‘zero-sum world,’ in which your success comes at my expense is – again, like everything else – 180 degrees from the truth,” stated Sayet. The better you do, the better it is for me. And I want you to succeed for you, and I want you to succeed for me.”

“And as I pointed out,” continued Sayet, “everything that makes my life better came through that system. Name me something that came from Africa that you use on a daily basis. Name me something that came from the Middle East, other than Israel, that came, that you use in your life. Name me something from France, because I can name you three things that I have ever used and enjoyed that came from France: wine, cheese and bottled water. They didn’t invent any of them, and two of them are nothing other than food that went bad.”

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