Clippers Make History with Win Over Warriors – ‘Greatest Comeback Ever’ in NBA Playoffs

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | April 16, 2019 | 11:21 AM EDT

Warriors star Kevin Durant fouls out during closing minutes of Game 2 vs. the LA Clippers (left) and Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Bevereley celebrate their historic victory. (right) (Screenshots)

On Monday night, the LA Clippers made history with a win over the Golden State Warriors, mounting what has called the “greatest comeback ever in the NBA playoffs.”

“[T]o rise from the mat after falling behind by 31 points in the third quarter, history must be created – much like a work of art or a perfect melody or a four-course meal that satisfies every single taste bud,” wrote Shaun Powell on “And so that’s what the LA Clippers did in a 135-131 win Wednesday, mixing artistry, striking the proper chord and piecing together the right recipe to stage a rally on the road against the two-time defending champions that, much like the Clippers’ season itself, blindsided everyone.”

The Golden State Warriors “feeling of invincibility was challenged late Monday night,” wrote ESPN’s Nick Friedell and Baxter Holmes, and on the “same night they lost DeMarcus Cousins to a potentially season-ending quad injury” too.

According to a graphic on ESPN, in the final 19:30 of the game, the Clippers outscored the Warriors 72 to 37, going 27-39 from the field, 5-9 from three, with only seven turnovers, while the Warriors managed to only net 8-27, 2-11 from three, with 14 turnovers.

Clippers forward Montrezl Harrel said the following about the game, according to ESPN:

“We came out second half, did some defensive things, coverages were different. Overall, coming out of the locker room in the second half, we played a lot harder, was a lot more aggressive. We went downhill and played basically Clippers basketball.”

Star shooting guard for the Warriors Clay Thompson, commented on the loss, saying, “We’ll bounce back. I’ll bounce back. The whole team will. We’ll right the ship.”

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