Climate Change Expert: ‘We Need to Call the Special Counsel’ on Climate Models – Russia’s Works

By Michael Morris | October 22, 2018 | 11:11am EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host of Fox News "Life, Liberty & Levin," author and American lawyer Mark Levin (left) and climate change expert and director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute Dr. Patrick J. Michaels (right) (Screenshot)

While speaking on “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Sunday, climate change expert and director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute Dr. Patrick J. Michaels told nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin that “we need to call the special counsel” on the climate models because Russia’s model works.

“[W]e need to call the special counsel … because one model works,” stated Dr. Patrick Michaels. “And you know what it is? It’s the Russian model.”

Below is a transcript of Dr. Michaels’ and Mark Levin’s comments from the show on Sunday:

Mark Levin: “Climate change, global warming, global cooling, we’ve heard it all. What’s going on out there?”

Dr. Patrick J. Michaels: “Well, the surface temperature of the planet is warmer than it was 100 years ago, about nine-tenths of a degree Celsius.”

Levin: “Nine-tenths of a degree Celsius, is that a lot?”

Dr. Michaels: “No, it’s not a lot.

“There are two periods of warming: one in the early Twentieth Century that could not have been caused by human beings because we hadn’t put enough CO2 in the air; and one in the later part of the Twentieth Century that either slows down or ends, depending upon whose data you use, somewhere in the late 1990s, only to resume with the big El Nino that covered the news over the last couple of years.

“So that means that probably about half – maybe half – of that nine-tenths of a degree might be caused by greenhouse gases because when the planet warmed at the beginning of 1976 the temperature of the stratosphere started to drop, and that’s a prediction of greenhouse theory that’s not intuitive. You know, the great philosopher of science, Karl Popper said if you can meet a difficult prediction with your theory, you can continue to entertain your theory.

“So, the theory’s right, but the application of it is wrong. It is nowhere near as warm as it’s supposed to be. The computer models are making systematic, dramatic errors over the entire tropics, which is 40 percent of the earth, and it’s where all our moisture comes from – or almost all of it.”

Levin: “Let me stop you there.”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah.”

Levin: “Who does these computer models?”

Dr. Michaels: “Governments. There are 32 families of computer models that are used by the United Nations, each government-sponsored, and all of them are predicting far, far too much warming. The disparity between what has been predicted to happen, which looks like this, and what is happening, continues to grow.”

Levin: “You know that for a fact?”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah, because you can just look at the weather balloon temperatures. You can look at the satellite temperatures. You can look at something called the reanalysis data. They all behave in concert. So they’re showing the same thing, and the same thing  is a lot different than this thing.

“However, we need to call the special counsel.

Levin: “Special counsel?”

Dr. Michaels: “Yes, because one model works. And you know what it is? It’s the Russian model.”

Levin: “So let me get this straight. So all the government models are like this?”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah.”

Levin: “The Russian model is like this?”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah. The Russian model has the least warming in it.”

Levin: “And the Russian model has the least warming, and the Russian model pretty much follows reality …”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah.”

Levin: “… what’s been tested over a few decades?”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah. Correct.

“You know, if we were rational about this— Think about the daily weather forecast. You know, you watch the weather channel. They go, ‘Oh, this model says that. That model says that. We think this one’s working the best, so we’re going to rely on that.

“Well, for climate forecasts we should be using the Russian model, but we’re not. We use this big spate of all the other models that has this warming in them that’s not occurring.”

Levin: “Why are all these other government models – 31 of them, I guess …”

Dr. Michaels: “Yeah.”

Levin: “… wrong? And why do they all go in the same direction, up?”

Dr. Michaels: “Because they are, what is called, parameterized. That’s, there all parameterized. Can I translate parameterized into English? Fudged.”

Levin: “Okay.”

Dr. Michaels: “They don’t get the right answer, don’t know the right answer for certain phenomena, so we essentially put in code steps that give us what we think it should be.”

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