Bernie Sanders' Home State of Vermont Has Six Walmart Retail Stores

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | November 20, 2018 | 10:52 AM EST

Senator Bernie Sanders giving a speech about his legislation "The Stop WALMART Act" (I-VT) (left), and the outside of Walmart store (right) (Screenshots)

On Monday, reached out to Walmart concerning Senator Bernie Sanders' recent tweets and his legislative pitch for “The Stop WALMART Act,” and Walmart confirmed that Sen. Sanders’ home state of Vermont has six retail stores – three Supercenters and three Discount Stores.

According to Walmart’s corporate website, the six retail stores in Vermont employ a total of 1,223 associates who make an average wage of $13.79. The website notes that the wage information is “[f]or regular, full-time hourly associates in Walmart Discount Stores, Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, as of August 15, 2018.”

The Walmart corporate website also provides information on suppliers, the “figures provided by Dun & Bradstreet for FYE 2018.” $527.9 million was spent with 83 suppliers. 5,080 supplier jobs are supported through the six Walmart stores.

These six Walmart stores “on behalf of the state of Vermont as part of transactional sales of taxable goods and services for FYE 2018” collected $11.6 million in taxes and fees and paid $4.7 million in taxes and fees.

The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (May 2017) shows that across all occupations, 305,110 individuals are employed in the state of Vermont. 8,890 of those employed in the state are Retail Salespersons, and 2,850 of those employed in the state are First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders vowed in a tweet to “put an end” to Walmart’s “outrageous greed” with “The Stop WALMART Act” late last week and introduced legislation to that effect last Thursday. asked Walmart, “[D]oes Walmart have a comment on Sen. Sanders Twitter remarks and his legislation ‘The Stop WALMART Act’?”

Walmart Corporate Communications Director Justin Rushing replied via email, but did not directly answer the question asked by Instead the following official statement was provided:

“We have increased our starting wages by more than 50 percent in the last three years and currently have an average hourly total compensation of more than $17.50 an hour. At the same time, we’ve also added new benefits like paid time off, advanced job training, paid family leave and college for $1 a day. In addition, our associates continue to earn quarterly cash bonuses – more than $625 million last year alone. We have been very deliberate about our job offerings and we will continue listening to our people and investing in the training, benefits and wages that they tell us are important.”

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