Benjamin Watson Reveals Wife’s Pregnancy with Touchdown Celebration: ‘Watson 5 to Watson 7’

Michael Morris
By Michael Morris | November 5, 2018 | 11:12 AM EST

New Orleans Saints TE Benjamin Watson announces wife's pregnancy with touchdown catch against Los Angeles Rams. (Screenshot)

In the New Orleans Saints gritty win (45- 35) over the previously undefeated Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Saints Tight End (TE) Benjamin Watson revealed that his wife was pregnant with twins, stating after the game that the family would be going from “Watson five to Watson seven.”

“We had a few miscarriages over the past year,” noted Benjamin Watson in a post-game interview as found on Instagram. “It’s been really tough. We said we’d try one more time, and my wife’s pregnant, not just with one baby but with two. So, we’re going from Watson five to Watson seven in several months here. But we’re really excited, and we want everybody to pray for us.”


Watson’s announcement came after his wife Kirsten Vaughn Watson had made note on her Facebook page in April of this year of the couple’s struggle and loss of two pregnancies through miscarriage.

But Watson is celebrating now. On his Twitter page and Instagram account, Benjamin Watson wrote, “Secret is out!” and cited a tweet by the New Orleans Saints official Twitter page, who also got in on the action in supporting the baby announcement.

            “Watson confirmed – Twins are on the way! What a way to announce[.]

            “.@BenjaminSWatson with the best baby announcement - ever! #GoSaints”

Sports Illustrated congratulated Watson with a tweet:

            “Congratulation to .@BenjaminSWatson on both the touchdown and the pregnancy.”

And even ESPN joined in with a tweet:

            “What a win. What a baby announcement for @BenjaminS Watson … (via @Saints)[.]”

“Thanks for all the congratulatory messages,” Watson tweeted out. “We are excited about the new additions! Please keep us in your prayers.”

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