Al Gore: ‘I Could Become a Catholic Because of This Pope’

By Michael Morris | May 6, 2015 | 10:00am EDT

Al Gore seems quite smitten with Pope Francis, admitting that even he “could become a Catholic because of this pope.”

“Um, I think that Pope Francis is, uh, uh, quite an inspiring figure, really a phenomena,” Al Gore said, seemingly in awe. “I’ve been startled with the clarity of the moral force that he embodies, and you know he kind of raises, in a new context, the old question: Is the pope Catholic? And um.”

“That’s a joke by the way,” teased Al Gore.

“But for many Catholics that might be true,” suggested the interviewer.

“Well, I’ve said publicly in the last year – I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition – I could become a Catholic because of this pope,” said Al Gore. “He is that inspiring to me, and I know, you know, the vast majority of my Catholic friends are just thrilled to the marrow of their bones that he is providing this kind of spiritual leadership.”

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