Universal Pictures ‘Temporarily’ Pauses Ads for Movie Showing ‘Elites’ Gunning Down ‘Deplorables’

Melanie Arter | August 8, 2019 | 12:24pm EDT
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(Screen Capture from movie trailer on YouTube)

Universal Pictures is pausing the ad campaign of a movie depicting elites hunting “deplorables” in the wake of the recent mass shootings.

“The Hunt,” is as an R-rated satire coming out on Sept. 27 that features 12 strangers who “wake up in a clearing” and “don’t know they’ve been chosen” for the hunt. It was produced by Jason Blum, who also produced “The Purge” and “Get Out.”

“In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a group of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt humans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of the hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank) at the center of it all,” the movie’s website states.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, one character asks early in the screenplay, “Did anyone see what our ratf*cker-in-chief just did?" Another character responds: "At least The Hunt's coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables."

The Hollywood Reporter described the script as such on Tuesday:

The script for The Hunt features the red-state characters wearing trucker hats and cowboy shirts, with one bragging about owning seven guns because it's his constitutional right. The blue-state characters — some equally adept with firearms — explain that they picked their targets because they expressed anti-choice positions or used the N-word on Twitter. "War is war," says one character after shoving a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly.

ESPN had pulled an ad for the film last weekend. After receiving backlash on social media over the ad, Universal executives decided Wednesday to pause “temporarily” pause its ad campaign for the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Out of sensitivity to the attention on the country’s recent shooting tragedies, Universal Pictures and the filmmakers of The Hunt have temporarily paused its marketing campaign and are reviewing materials as we move forward," a spokesperson said.



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