Black Democrat Will Not Resign After All Over Backlash for Supporting Trump

Melanie Arter | April 23, 2020 | 7:50pm EDT
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Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones, a black Democrat who announced he would resign over backlash he received for voicing his support for President Donald Trump, said he has changed his mind.

“Yesterday, I announced my intentions to resign from my office. But shortly thereafter, the outpour of support I received was too great for me to ignore. I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. I will not let them win. I will NOT resign. #MAGA,” Jones tweeted on Thursday.


As previously reported, Jones had announced that he planned to resign but had no plans to leave the Democrat Party.

Jones expressed frustration with the Democratic Party for “defending the interests of illegals” more “than it has the actual American people.”

He said that more Democrats attacked him for his decision to endorse Trump than have asked him why.

“They’ve used and abused folks in my community for far too long, taking our votes for granted. Black Americans are waking up. An uprising is near,” he tweeted.

In announcing his support for Trump, Jones tweeted, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.”

Jones explained his reasons for deciding to stay in office and plans for the future in the video, below, embedded in his post.



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