Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Will Ferrell Thank Obama for Taking Executive Action on Guns

By Mark Judge | January 11, 2016 | 4:32pm EST
Actor Bradley Cooper (AP)

Dozens of Hollywood celebrities have signed a letter praising President Obama for his efforts at gun control.

Names on the list include Jessica Alba, Tony Bennett, Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo, Tobey Maquire, Edward Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The letter, entitled #ENOUGH, reads in part:

Thank you. Thank you for having the courage and leadership to take Executive Action on preventing more unnecessary gun violence in this country. We are deeply thankful for the actions you took this week. Countless lives will be saved as a result.  

Like you, and like most Americans, we have had ENOUGH. We have had enough of seeing unthinkable tragedies happen and nothing being done. Two masked people walk into a center for the disabled and murder 14 co-workers celebrating the holidays. A group of churchgoers are slaughtered during a prayer service even as they welcome the young man full of hate to their group. And the horrific day when 20 first graders and six educators were massacred in their classroom. In each case, the guns used were far too easily available to people intent on doing harm.

This level of depravity should rattle anyone with a conscience. We have seen how it has visibly rattled you. 

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