New Computer Program Changes Term 'Pro-Life' to 'Anti-Choice'; James Woods is Not Convinced

By Mark Judge | February 22, 2016 | 10:29am EST
(AP Photo)

An anonymous activist has created a new computer program, or “extension,” that changes every mention of “pro-life” to “anti-choice” once it is added to the Google Chrome browser.

According to the website, the extension, called “Choice Language,” was created by an activist who wishes to remain anonymous. The activist partnered with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund to release it to the public this week.

The description of the extension on the Google Chrome webpage is as follows:

Those who stand against a woman's right to decide what is best for her own body prop themselves up as righteous saviors using a problematic framework of rhetoric and religion. The term "pro-life" is inaccurate in this argument – although it is a powerful tool in the fight against women's health rights – as it serves to demonize individuals who are pro-choice by suggesting that in their support of a woman's right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way.












“We thought it was a really interesting and creative idea,” Andrea Miller, the president of NIRH, told ThinkProgress. “We agreed with her that the language in this discussion really matters.”

At least one person, actor James Woods, is not impressed with the new extension. Linking to the ThinkProgress piece, Woods tweeted: “For those who can’t win an argument based on reasoning, changing the language will have to suffice…”










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