Musician Moby on Climate Change: People Should 'Magically Stop Using Animals for Food'

By Mark Judge | September 24, 2015 | 12:22pm EDT

Musician Moby (AP)

The musician Moby, who has sold millions of records, is a strong advocate for addressing what he sees as the crisis of climate change. While in Washington September 23-24 for a concert and rally timed for the visit of Pope Francis, Moby argued that the best way to address the problem would be if people stopped eating animals: "From my persepctive one of the easiest ways to address climate change is animal agriculture, because animal agriculture, according to the United Nations, is reponsible for at least 25 percent of climate emissions. So if magically everyone on the planet stopped using animals for food, climate change would be descreased by 25 percent immediately."

"From my perspective," Moby said, "every issue that we care about, whether its education, human rights, environmentalism, they all pale in comparison to climate change."

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