Kanye West: 'Police Officers are Brave'

Mark Judge | October 7, 2015 | 2:58pm EDT
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During an interview with SHOWstudio on October 6, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West praised soldiers, police officers and firefighters as brave:

I mean, there’s nothing to be afraid of, really, so I don’t even want to take, you know, too much credit for being, you know, brave. I think that it’s just a responsibility of ours as artists to give our truth at that time and it’s just as simple as that. Soldiers are brave, it’s their responsibility to go and, you know, fight for their countries. Police officers are brave, you know. Fightfighters, it’s their responsibility to go into a fire. For us as artists it’s our responsibility to give our truth. I just think more than courage or bravery it’s just honesty.

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