Benham Brothers on Orlando: 'These are Our Gay Brothers and Sisters...Respond in Christian Love'

By Mark Judge | June 16, 2016 | 2:46pm EDT
Jason and David Benham (AP Photo)

Christian entrepreneurs and twins Jason and David Benham recently took to Facebook to comment on the mass shooting in Orlando.

“Our hearts are just broken for the families and for the victims, those who were killed in the gay bar, the gay club in Orlando, Florida,” David Benham said in a video the brothers posted. “You know, this is going to be politicized on both sides. It’s ridiculous. No one should ever be targeted like this, this ISIS plot. And clearly they’re targeting homosexual people.”

Jason then offered this:

Here's the interesting thing, we as Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong, and the [Islamic extremists] they believe it is wrong. But our response is different. We've been going to gay pride marches for the past decade, and we're planning on going this year to the Charlotte gay pride march. But we're going to bring the love of Jesus, to people who need Jesus. Look, these are our gay brothers and sisters, and we need to stand up for them now. That's our Christian response.

David then said, “We’re hoping that American across this country will respond in Christian love." He argued that "we are common sense Americans need to keep our eyes peeled." He concluded, "Let's see a revival and an awakening in this nation." 

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