‘Ben-Hur’ Actor on Crucifixion Scene: ‘Everyone Was Affected Up There on That Mountain’

By Mark Judge | August 17, 2016 | 9:25am EDT
Jack Huston, who has the title role in the new "Ben-Hur" (AP Photo)

In a recent interview with the Christian Post, Jack Huston, star of the new film “Ben-Hur,” talked about the power of a particular scene in the film. In it, Ben-Hur, a Jew living in Jerusalem in 33 A.D., witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Prior to witnessing Christ, Ben-Hur had been in a years-long bloody feud with his brother Messala (Toby Kebbell), a Roman soldier.

“That was very emotional actually,” Huston told Jeannie Law about the scene. “The actual act is very effective, the crucifixion that is followed by forgiveness, everyone was affected up there on that mountain.”

He added, “Forgiveness is not thinking that you have to be in control of everything [but more] so being able to let things go…I think understanding other people and it not being all about you helps.”

“Ben-Hur” opens August 19.

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