Marianne Williamson Knows What Made Her ‘Vulnerable to Mockery’

Mark Jennings | July 29, 2019 | 2:45pm EDT
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Marianne Williamson. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Marianne Williamson, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on Sunday that she hoped to be taken more seriously in this week’s debate, adding that she knows her “delivery” in the first debate made her “vulnerable to mockery,” reported Fox News.

Since her appearance on the debate stage last month, Williamson has been on the receiving end of a plethora of jokes and memes. Some conservatives even requested their followers to donate money to Williamson’s campaign to keep her on the debate stage.

"This woman is ridiculous," conservative radio host Chris Stigall tweeted, "I want her to stay."

“I hope that this time my delivery will be more aligned with my substance,” Williamson said in an interview with USA Today. “I don’t regret the substance of anything I said, but I understand that my delivery made me vulnerable to mockery.”

Williamson said she will not prepare for the coming debate.

“Every day on the campaign trail is preparation,” she said.  “Every day you’re thinking about issues, writing about issues, talking about issues, learning about issues. It’s a continuous process. To me that’s the best preparation.”

“I need to just be myself,” she added.

"I choose not to base my sense of self on other people’s projections,” said Williamson.  “I receive more than enough support from people I respect. I’m out there continuing to do what I do, continuing the conversation that I’m very clear no one else is having.”

Currently, Williamson has some of the lowest polling numbers of any Democratic candidate. In a Des Moines Register poll of likely Iowa Democratic primary voters taken last month, Williamson was not the first choice of any of the 600 people polled.

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