OFA May Be 'Standing with Wendy,' But Texans, Women and Other Americans Aren't

By Kristan Hawkins | July 1, 2013 | 4:54pm EDT

After President Obama tweeted his support of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis who filibustered a bill that would ban late term abortions and keep women safe from Gonsell-like abortionists on Tuesday night, his old campaign operation, now Organizing for Action, doubled down and sent out an email saying, "We're still standing with Wendy, and we're not backing down."

OFA sent out an email from their National Director of Issue Campaigns, Lindsay Siler, on Thursday asking readers to "stand up for women in Texas." But what was she asking email subscribers to stand up FOR?  For all the talk about women's rights and health, one word was conspicuously missing: Abortion.

Abortion was not mentioned a single time in an email about an abortion bill. The word "women" was mentioned almost 10 times, but nary a word about the pre-born babies set to be killed. The email didn't mention 20 weeks - the age at which it would be illegal to kill a pre-born baby who feels pain. Nor did it say anything about safety regulations - the common-sense standards that Texas abortion business would finally be held to.

Siler called the bill "dangerous," but it's not the bill that's dangerous. What's dangerous is leaving abortion businesses to their own devices. Pennsylvania tried that with Gosnell. How'd that work out?

It's written that the bill "would have closed dozens of health clinics that provide services to women across the state."  First of all, they wouldn't have to close if they provided other services, they would simply have to stop committing abortions.  But if dozens of abortion businesses would rather close down than comply with the same safety standards as other health clinics, then that means that they are currently unsafe and SHOULD be shut down.

The pro-lifers who want to protect the lives and health of pre-born babies and their mothers are called extremists in the email. Meanwhile, 62 percent of Texans agree with that abortions should be banned at 20 weeks, 63 percent of women think abortion should be banned at 20 weeks when it has been scientifically proven that babies feel pain, and 64 percent of Americans think abortions should be banned in the second trimester, which begins at 13 weeks.  Who are the real extremists here?

Abortionists have been allowed to skirt or be exempt from the law for too long.  Abortionists like Texas' own Gosnell, a man named Douglas Karpen. Former employees have testified that he, too, kills babies after they are born, snipping or breaking their necks. He, too, has filthy conditions. By filibustering this bill, Wendy Davis was saying she wants Karpen to continue to operate with impunity.

So, when Lindsay Siler and Barack Obama say that they stand with Wendy, know what that really means: that they stand against a majority of Texans, women, and all Americans, and also stand with monsters like Douglas Karpen and Kermit Gosnell.

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