Nats’ Anthony Rendon: ‘My Savior Jesus Christ Gave Me That Patience’

By Kharen Martinez Murcia | November 12, 2019 | 12:54pm EST
Anthony Rendon.   (Getty Images)
Anthony Rendon. (Getty Images)

When asked how he was able to concentrate so well and stay calm during the World Series, which his team won, Washington Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon said “my savior Jesus Christ gave me that patience and that slow heart rate.”

During an interview with ESPN after the Nationals won the series, Rendon was asked about how he was able to “project total peace and calm regardless of the situation?”

Rendon said, “I think I understand there are bigger things going on in this world, and my savior Jesus Christ gave me that patience and that slow heart rate.

“And I mean it is better taking bullets for your country on the other side of the world,” he added, “so I mean this should be a breeze for us.” 

Last year, in an Instagram clip with his pastor, Gregg Matte, Rendon said, “I want to be known as the Christian baseball player.” 

“I’m still trying to grow into that,” he said. “But in the end, I want to be more ‘Christian’ than ‘baseball player.’”

He continued, “If I just try to stay in the Word and try to surround myself with good people and have good community, I think God will just guide me on that path.” 

In an interview with WUSA9, Rendon’s parents were asked how he was going to change after the World Series victory, and they said they did not believe he would change.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“He is who he is, and he is a God-fearing individual,” Rendon’s father, Rene, said. “At any time that can be taken away [his baseball career].”

“Anthony is going to be the same guy today as he was yesterday and tomorrow, he will always be the same guy” his mother, Bridget Rendon, said. 

Anthony Rendon, 29, is married and has a young daughter. Through the 2019 season, his batting average was .290. He had 136 home runs and 546 runs batted in. A free agent, Rendon has played for the Washington Nationals since 2013.

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