Mark Levin: ‘There Is a Big, Ugly Side to Illegal Immigration’

Jose R. Gonzalez | March 11, 2016 | 4:31pm EST
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Thursday on Levin TV, nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin warned about the dangers of illegal immigration saying, “There is a big, ugly side of illegal immigration.”

“There is a big, ugly side of illegal immigration,” Levin said. “There’s all kinds of crimes being committed by people who aren’t supposed to be here.”

Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments:

“There is a big, ugly side of illegal immigration. There’s all kinds of crimes being committed by people who aren’t supposed to be here, foreigners in this country who are not being tracked. Some are deported. Some come back. They have no problem getting back into this country. All we hear about are little children, but everybody who’s in this country illegally is not a little child. Forty to 45 percent of the people who are here illegally have overstayed their visas. They’re not children. That’s a crime. But there’s other people in this country who are criminals. They don’t love America. They love killing Americans.

“For instance, there’s this story about Pablo Serrano-Vitorino. He was deported from the country almost 12 years ago, but he came back to the United States again illegally.  He killed four men in Kansas City, Kansas late Monday night. That launched a 12-hour-long manhunt across the entire Midwest. He committed another homicide in Missouri. Then he fled that state. He was arrested on a highway in Montgomery County, Missouri after he approached another citizen with a gun. So he’s under 24-hour hold in the Montgomery County jail.

“He killed five men in a period of 48 hours or so. He’s here illegally.

“We keep talking about pathways to legalization, pathways to citizenship. The pro-open borders crowd, the anti-American sovereignty crowd keeps talking about what American traditions and values are.

“You see, ladies and gentleman, this is the problem. How many times have we been told that if just one person is put to death under our death penalty, who is innocent, that should be enough to eliminate the death penalty altogether.

“How come we’re never told if just one illegal alien kills five people, that should be enough to secure the border? But apparently it’s not. They talk about gun control. How did this illegal alien get a gun? I’ll tell you how. He doesn’t follow our gun laws, he doesn’t follow our immigration laws. We have a porous border, so sickos like this can come across the border, terrorists can come across the border -- five dead people because we don’t secure the border.

“Now I hear it said, ‘Well, American citizens do this, too.’ And they should be punished. But they’re American citizens. That doesn’t mean we open the whole world up to this.”

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