Eric Trump: If My Father Cured Cancer, The Media 'Wouldn't Give Him Credit'

By Jonathan Mizrahi | August 3, 2018 | 12:38pm EDT
Eric Trump on Hannity,
Aug. 2, 2018. (YouTube)

While the liberal media are complaining because Trump supporters yelled “fake news” and “CNN sucks” at CNN reporter Jim Acosta at a Florida rally, the president’s son, Eric Trump, rattled off a long list of attacks by the leftist media against his father and said that even if President Trump came up with a cure for cancer, the “media wouldn’t give him credit.”

Eric Trump also stressed that the liberal media have largely ignored the multiple death threats made against the Trump family, including the mailing of suspicious white powder to family members. They have also ignored calls to kidnap Barron Trump and put him in a cage with pedophiles; decapitate the president; smear Melania Trump as a prostitute; and downplay the 4.1% GDP growth and the record low unemployment.

On the Aug. 2 edition of Hannity, Eric Trump responded to harsh criticism against his father in recent weeks, as well as the threats against the Trump family.

“The hypocrisy is unlike anything you can possibly imagine,” said Eric. “You have them attacking Barron, you have them attacking Tiffany, you have them attacking our entire family.  You have them out there spewing garbage every single day on CNN and all these other networks about my father, right?”

Eric then pointed out that time and time again the media fail to report on crucial stories such as “the fact that our economy grew at 4.1%, that we have the lowest unemployment in history, that jobs are coming back to the country, that the stock market is at record high.”

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was heckled by Trump supporters at a rally in Florida,
where some attendees also chanted "CNN Sucks!"  (YouTube)

“They forget all about that,” he said. “[T]hey spew nonsense all day and then little Jim Acosta gets belittled at a rally and all of a sudden, you know, I'm holier than -- I mean, it's really incredible.”

“A couple people chanted ‘CNN sucks,’ right, CNN sucks because of this biased coverage and everything else,” said Eric Trump. “All of a sudden, everybody starts crying. It's really incredible, Sean.

When asked about whether the Trump family has been threatened, Eric Trump said, “I’ve been threatened. Our whole family has been threatened. All of us, we've all had white powder show up at our house.”

He continued, “And, by the way, there is no moral outrage about that, right? When Ben Shapiro goes to Berkeley to try and give a speech, right, and there's protests in the street, there is no moral outrage about that….”

Hannity then noted that Democratic congressional candidate Mark Roberts of Oregon had compared first lady Melania Trump to a prostitute, tweeting “Did you know that the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag.”

Kathy Griffin, who was under contract with CNN at the time, holds a decapitated
fake head of President Donald J. Trump. (YouTube)

Hannity further said that despite the odds stacked against him, Donald Trump still managed to win the election, saying, “But it's sort of like the media, they never thought he could win, they mock that he was running, he beat 16 other people, he beat the Hillary Clinton machine, even with the fixe in and an investigation into her, and one against him.”

“Now they downplay it,” said Eric Trump. "The New York Times came out and said he will never achieve 3 percent GDP growth. Economists think he is lying about that. Then he achieves 4.1 percent growth and they don't even complement him on doing it. I mean, they forget about it.”

Hannity then said, “I actually think if he cured cancer, they still hate him.”

Eric Trump agreed, saying, “No, they wouldn't give him credit, of course not.”

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